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Stress and Self-Hypnosis

I have a lot of experience with stress management. Other than being a psychic, I did group self-help hypnosis for stress management and self-esteem building for many years. I have also been a personal hypnosis instructor. Hypnosis can do wonders for stress management. But first, we need to know what’s causing your stress.

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Impatient by Nature

Stress can be triggered by fear of the unknown and the frustration of simply waiting. We, as a people, are inpatient by nature. Relationships can be very stressful when you are expecting communication from someone who does not respond. Expecting communication is what often gets us stressed out. Emotional stress buttons get pushed easily because we want to hear, what we want to hear, on our own schedule. Stress, frustration and anger get in the way of listening and good dialogue.

The Crossroads for Change

Once you have been stressed out over personal and work situations, you come to a crossroads. You can wait at the crossroads for change to happen or you can step forward and make change happen. Remember, you are strong and you have free will. The relationship you have with yourself is the key to rebuilding your emotional life and like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon, you are in a new, calm season of life by choice.

Learn to Pause

When it comes to stress, learn to pause before you react. Never allow yourself to type a message in anger and hit the send button. Big mistake! Stress! There is a good chance you will regret those words. You can’t get the message back once you hit send. Therefore, don’t hit send. Impulse texts, emails and calls end relationships all the time. Instead of sending the angry text, try writing down your anger about the situation in a notebook and shred those angry thoughts along with the stress once you calm down.

Next time you’re feeling stressed, try a little self-hypnosis. Here’s how it worked for one of my clients.

A Story About Stress, Self-Esteem and Self-Hypnosis

A young lady walked into my office. One eye was covered with a black patch and her black hair fell across the patch as if to try and hide her face. She leaned on her cane as she limped into my office and sat down. I listened to her story about her recent car accident and recovery. Her inner strength shined beyond her patched eye and tears. She had been a power speaker in sales and now she feared going back to work and standing in front of an audience. She was stressed and having panic dreams. As an empath, I could feel her pain. This was the beginning of a body, mind and spiritual journey for her.

Putting Her Back Together

Like pieces of a puzzle, we worked together to put her back together again. I used my psychic abilities and my years as a hypnosis instructor to help this woman. I made her self-hypnosis tapes to take home with her. Each tape covered a different issue she was dealing with. It was not easy for her, but she was making progress. She appeared happier and her physical body was responding as well. After six months of weekly sessions with me, she was back at work. After a year, she was strong in body, mind and spirit, and my job was done.

Several years passed, and I saw this woman again. She still has an eye patch, but she was wearing her hair away from her face. She wasn’t walking with a cane anymore. When she saw me, she hugged me and thanked me. She still listens to my hypnosis tapes every morning with her coffee and every night, right before she goes to bed. She says she feels like my voice keeps her safe.

With a combination of psychic counseling and my self-help hypnosis techniques, I can help you too. Call me for a detailed reading!

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One thought on “Psychic Counseling and Self-Help Hypnosis

  1. Marc from the UK

    Great article Reba, I believe we are what we eat, drink, and THINK ! we can change how we view life, the same life we are living can be different if we view it differently.

    Now the trick is, no matter how old we are we can only effect change ourselves when we know how to, and in what way 🙂

    Oh and by the way I am doing that by using this site and learning from you :0 )




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