Psychic Jesse: Restoring the Alpha Male

What Happened to the Alpha Male?

As a professional psychic, I have found that many people are far more open with their true feelings during a phone reading than they would be if we were sitting face to face or if I was someone with whom they had daily encounters. This offers me wonderful insight into both genders and their desires and struggles.

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Facing Extinction

The challenges for today’s male have never before been as complex and confusing. Due to the current societal push for political correctness, media and social bombardment, and isolation due to technological advances, the power and grace of the natural male are slowly being eaten away. The spiritual strength and wisdom that exists exclusively with the alpha male is rapidly disappearing.

The Perfect Mate

When I ask heterosexual women to describe their perfect mate, 90% of the time these women will use adjectives such as: strong in physical matters, caring, well-mannered, and protective. When I ask men to describe what they admire in other men, the answers are almost identical, although often rephrased to reflect a caution that has been built in from some vague and encroaching internal guardian. What they’ve described is the alpha male!

His Feminine Side 

Part of what I have observed stems from terms like “feminine” and “masculine.” When we, as a society, tell men to be in touch with their “feminine” side, we automatically send the message that A) The feminine is the desired response and B) That the masculine should try to become something which has no natural internal source. What a man feels naturally and instinctively is different from what a woman feels. They simply have different emotions and perspectives and they should never be equated or diluted to fit some external conception. There is nothing wrong with what a man naturally feels!

Influence and Destruction

Why should Madison Avenue determine what makes a desirable male? We have seen the destruction of that kind of influence on women and now it is turning on men and the results are the same: anorexia, low self-esteem, destructive behavior, in other words… suffering. Why should someone have to suffer because who they naturally are doesn’t fit some unrealistic ideal?

Qualities of an Alpha Male

The alpha male, throughout the history of the world, has often been portrayed as a warrior and brutal. Certainly those attributes are a part of the alpha position, but they are not the ONLY parts of this wonderful creation. The alpha, in the human or any other animal, is responsible, caring, loving, determined and confident. The alpha is capable of fighting but reserves that ability until he (or his tribe/pack) is threatened. He is also intelligent enough to know how to discern what a real and viable threat is and what can be diplomatically addressed. He is, in brief, the guardian.

Differences are Exciting

In our current society, we have allowed the ideas of others to remove us from our natural selves. We have allowed television and computers to dictate what we see, feel and do far more than promoting our natural inclinations. But, we are all born as intuitive and brilliant lights. These lights have different purposes and they should be accepted and appreciated for the DIFFERENCES as well as their similarities. The very thing that divides the beauty of a rainbow from the sky all around it is the different ways in which the light is interpreted. How dull life becomes without differences!

Acceptance, Not Tolerance

The goal is acceptance. Not tolerance, but acceptance. When the alpha male is given his full opportunity, he does not reign or lord over those for whom he is responsible. He guides with confidence and the inner assurance that he is who he is meant to be. Such a man encourages the women in his world to attain their very greatest. The other males in his tribe/pack will appreciate his guidance and counsel and feel secure, not threatened, because they, too, have their place and special abilities which make great additions to the whole society.

Embrace your strengths—all of them—whether you are male or female! Connect with your divine self and let it lead you to be everything you can possibly become. Listen to your inner alpha and ignore what society tells you about who you should be and how you should act. You won’t be disappointed!

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16 thoughts on “Psychic Jesse: Restoring the Alpha Male

  1. gsdmom

    Wonderfully written article Jesse. Kudos to you. I think the disappearance of the true Alpha Male is a sad thing. Without masculine energy at it’s best, we don’t have feminine energy at it’s best.

    I think a lot of females who are Alphas try to act in the same fashion as an Alpha Male instead of as an Alpha Female. In losing the Alpha Male we have also lost the true Alpha Female energy. After all, Hollywood loves to portray the “Alpha Female” as one who acts completely in a male energy fashion. Well, the writers are mostly male in action flicks! They write her character based on what a male Alpha is, not on what a female Alpha is. Each has it’s place, but the energies are VERY different. Look to the animal kingdom. There is an Alpha Male and an Alpha Female in wolf packs, dog packs, etc. Each brings their own strengths to benefit the entire pack. They do not take on the same role. In wild horse herds, there is the dominant stallion who provides protection for the herd and the Lead mare who determines where the herd goes, where is the best grazing, where is the water source, etc. She will also protect the young of the herd, just not the same way the stallion does. Does this sound familiar? It should.

    We can respect both type of Alphas for their gifts and strengths. I just don’t think there is the need for each to try to occupy the same role at the same time. The balance is lost. Both types of energies are needed and compliment each other no matter what gender the person is. Let male energy be male energy and female energy be female energy.

    I know from the age that I am that women were told in order to “be equal” we needed to compete with men. A lot of women took that to mean we need to be better men than the men. Being the best women that we can be brings out the need in men to be the best men that they can. It isn’t a competition. It’s an energetic dance. Without polarity, nothing works. IMHO

  2. Jesse 9027

    To respond to Quinn…the eis an enormous difference between domination and Alpha. A true Alpha (male or female) does not need to bully or dominate. They lead with a confidence that is won by earning it…not by power being handed to them, such as in the case with most of the patriarchal directions. Often women think they can be taken seriously be replicating the behavior of the dominant paradigm, when in reality they have simply stoked those fires that end up burning everyone and everything.

    As I wrote in the article, there is a big difference between Alpha and the peacock strutters that fill up most of our western culture.

    Thank you to everyone for your comments..great work!

  3. D

    An unexpected pleasant pleasure! Good perspective and I agree whole heartedly. Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful….everything

  4. Sibila

    Do we know anything about what ‘natural’ means today anymore?
    Even if we did, how would we be able to survive the western civilization’s grip
    on Mother nature which we humans are also part of?
    Maybe, we do live in very interesting time (which by the way is an Eastern culture curse: “May you live in interesting times!”), the battle is on: Nature vs. western civilization! Who will win?
    Please, don’t even try to convince me that there is a middle ground.
    Have a wonderful Sunday everyone in paradise 🙂

  5. PAM


  6. Ethel Lee

    WOW! Jesee, I just read your article on the alpha male. It was deep, direct, extremely focused, very broad, so professionally and intellectually written, and last but not least so informative and entertaining! In short it was absolutely AWESOME!

    I love, love reading article like yours.

    I love to read from people who are deep and not shallow and on the surface.

    Thank you Jesse for sharing, it was well worth the time I spend reading!


  7. Victoria

    When will I meet my soul mate and what sign is he. I also would like to no when I get my money blessing, new house and new SUV. Before this world end.

  8. Linda Borell

    I dated an alpha male. Sadly, it was one of my biggest mistakes. He was an Aries and a true alpha male. First, he considered himself superior to amost everyone he met. Then, I didn’t make the grade anymore so it was his “duty” to cheat to bring me in line. That worked, I left the beast and was better off for it. Of course, he took his revenge by suing me for the money he spent on me while we dated. I still can’t believe that he won that case. Although he never collected and never will. PRICK!!!!!!!!

  9. latesha

    I not sure if I will ever met any one trusting and love me for me, but if I do I want them to bee a 100% in the relationship that can help pay bills and is good to meand my children

  10. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    as I look at politics and the male dominated work force, wars and discontent I do not see how the alpha male energy has disappeared or lessened.

    we have very few women in powerful positions –
    what makes an alpha male right in guiding or directing?

    the pope the president of a country – the head of the board CEO are very alpha males.
    (go Hillary!!!)

    also like you said -(IMHO) we have alpha people – gender is not an issue at least for me.

    some heavy stuff here Jessie. hope people comment about this topic. very hot…

    Buddha Bless,

  11. Suzanne Bigras

    What a great read and well said. I am an alpha female and finding an appropriate mate has been a challenge. An awful lot of great men out there, unfortunately a good deal of them don’t know how to be around a strong, independent woman. They feel uncomfortable and somewhat intimidated. I see what you are saying. I have watched our society take a dive towards social interaction for the past 40 years plus. It seems that we are trying to think of ourselves, not as the pack animal that we are, but some entity that is not of PLANET EARTH.
    I feel scared for the young generation that will have to rearrange and re – educate . I am grateful for the awakening of the universal knowledge and that the young people I speak with are far more AWARE of the Universal Power that is at Their disposal. Maybe balance can be established.

  12. Yve

    I am an alpha female, it’s who I am naturally. I have been told by a few men that it is threatening or offputting. I was called aggressive once, however I pointed out that if I were a male I would have been patted on the back for standing up for myself, and called assertive, not aggressive. Gender specific behaviour is not required in our society anymore, no-one needs a label. We are what we are, I would not berate an apparently less masculine male, who wasn’t down the gym, pumping iron, going for a few beers, or playing contact sports. Women have been sexualised, men have been belittled, they are not role models for either sex. Happiness comes from being your true authentic self, no matter what set of chromosomes you are carrying.


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