Psychic Help: Why Did They Leave You?

All You Can Do is Heal and Move on!

Sometimes it’s kind. Other times, it’s downright mean. No matter how they packaged it, they’ve dumped you and there is nothing you can do about it. The experience has left you feeling empty, sad and probably confused. Well, our psychics are here to help get you through this tough and confusing time. Read what they have to say about getting dumped, how to heal and the best ways to move forward.

How did you feel when your partner dumped you? Did you sense it was coming? Were you shocked when it did? According to our psychics, people do sense when the end is near, yet they are still shocked by it.

Nadine ext. 5678 explains, “Most people broadcast their intentions with the way they act towards us. If we don’t pay close attention to the reality of their behavior and adjust our expectations accordingly, then a sudden breakup can come as a rude shock.”

Have you tried to get you ex back? It’s embarrassing to think about the lengths many of us have gone to in order to make someone love us again, but there are reasons for why we do it.

Casey ext. 5385 gets to the root of the issue when she says, “Rejection is one of the most painful emotions we experience and is rooted in fear. The fear is that we are not good enough—that if this person does not value us perhaps no one else shall. Therefore if we can win this person back, we can shield ourselves from pain and fear.”

Ursula ext. 5656 affirms, “We have unconsciously decided this person is ‘the one’ and our future possibilities are only with this person.”

Find out if they’re Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now. Psychic Ursula ext. 5656 has the answer.

Aliza ext. 5844 adds, “We would rather have the dysfunctional relationship rather than accepting this as a chapter closed and a lesson learned. Fear of being alone can also trigger this grasping at the partner who left. Not being comfortable in your own skin is quite telling and an indication of neediness, insecurity and unhappiness.”

It’s time to move on. Rather than sit and stew over “perfect” love lost, here’s how to move forward towards something better:

Justine ext. 5402 wants you to let yourself feel all the emotions first when she says, “Give yourself the time to accept what has happened and grieve the loss. Give yourself permission to feel bad.”

For Kim ext. 5512, healing is a spiritual journey. “Make this a spiritual journey. When you get yourself out of the cycle of seeking approval or love from selfish or commitment-phobic people your life will change across the board and not just in the love area.”

Try some color therapy and rearrange your space with this advice from Kayley ext. 5191: “Wear red for security and core emotional strength. Wear light green or blue for healing or yellow for inspiration. Rearranging the bedroom also works wonders.”

Judianne ext. 5129 asks you to consider the help of the violet flame. “I am a follower of the violet flame. I use this tube of light for practically everything and I will instruct my clients to either look it up or if they want, I can surround them with it.”

Cameron ext. 5412 knows nature can work wonders. He says, “Nature can be a very loving friend when we are in despair or heartbroken.”

Do you like saying affirmations or mantras? Try these whenever lost love has you feeling low:

Maryanne ext. 9146 recommends saying, “I am open to any and all good things the Universe has for me.”

And here’s what some of our wisest psychics have said to clients who need help healing from a broken heart:

Justine ext. 5402 knows that, “With time you’ll be able to step back and objectively see what was really happening in the relationship.”

Casey ext. 5385 believes a breakup can mean protection when she affirms, “Know that you have been protected in some way through this experience.”

Britta ext. 5440 shares what works for her: “Ben and Jerry’s always come into play. I allow myself to cry, sit around in my pajamas and be totally useless for three days only. Of course my grieving might not be totally over at that point, but I allow myself a little time to wallow and then it is easier to make a fresh start looking for what I want and need.”

Find out if what you want and need is right around the corner. Psychic Britta ext. 5440 has the answer! 

Yemaya ext. 5143 suggests a water metaphor: “Use the shower as a way to let go of grief. Instead of the water going over your body, let the spirit of the water cleanse through you and let your tears go down the drain with the pain and loss as well.”

Tammy ext. 9380’s advice comes from a memorable teacher: “If he dumps you, get yourself put together, fixed up and RIGHT back out there and find another guy to date! Don’t ever sit around pouting and sad and crying over someone who dumps you! You deserve better than to let a guy have that much control over your life!”

And finally, Anton ext. 5893 reminds us that we will love again: “You are built and created to love onward, not just once. Love is endless!”

No two relationships are exactly the same. If you want advice that is tailored to your unique relationship experience, give one of our wise love psychics a call!

3 thoughts on “Psychic Help: Why Did They Leave You?

  1. Cat

    Reading the two comments left on this article, sadly, I have to agree. I have come to many of your psychics for having been left, or readings during a relationship. All I read with were in total agreement as to timeframe and that he is “the one.” He will return. The months roll on (yes, timelines are tough and often never happen). I am currently awaiting a mid-June prediction he will wake up and be with me for the long term. Hoping so much for accuracy here yet proven that every single fellow who was the one, wasn’t. And I refuse to accept that I have been left, refuse to get out of the waiting position I am in, because I want to believe you are absolutely right. You wouldn’t be a great company if there were no successes in your predictions. I agree completely with Sandra. If I had not read with the 4 psychics (all totally saying he will be back any minute), I would have gotten on with my life. Love LOVE what you say–we all want to hear we are fine. Just longing for a prediction to come true!

  2. Richard

    While I’m sure you, your site, astrologers and psychics are “professional” after reading, reviewing and paying for some of your serves I must sadly say not one single opportunity, expectation or forecast has come “true” NOT ONE!!!

    Please remove me from your mailing lists’ and stop all contact.


  3. sandra

    I would have moved on two years ago when I spoke to a psychic but they told me this person had shut down emotionally at the moment and would be coming back to me. I have spoken to other psychic who have said the same. I sat waiting a first then have got on with my life have new friends but think about him still everyday. maybe I would have done better not known as i think i would have moved on quicker. so best bet is to just give it time.


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