Psychic Help: Will You Stay Together?

Staying Together Depends on You

Romantic relationships have their ups and downs and the longer you’re with someone, the more ups and downs you’re going to have. You’re going to fight about something: the kids, the bills, whose turn it was to take out the garbage, or even something as serious as an affair. Sometimes it can seem like romantic relationships are pointless, especially when it feels like lately you’ve been doing more fighting than kissing.

People call our psychics because they want to know if their love will last. If they are happily in love now, they want to be happily in love forever. If they are going through a rough patch, they want to know if they will get past it or if it will destroy their relationship. Our psychics know your relationship’s fate. But more importantly, they can tell you what you need to do to fix your relationship if it needs work, or what to do to keep it going strong.

Here is some of the best psychic advice we’ve received about how to keep a relationship together. I also recommend getting a love reading for a personal relationship analysis.

Be Vulnerable

Being in a relationship means taking risks. Are you willing to risk being emotionally wounded for love? Has your partner seen your soft, emotional side? Do you trust them? Or are you surrounded by emotionless, impenetrable walls? Perhaps you are with someone who is guarded.

Psychic Alison ext. 9885 says, “In a relationship, both must be vulnerable (trusting) to expand your love.”

Be Happy

No one wants to be with someone who is “doom and gloom” all the time. It is oppressive, depressing and contagious. Your partner’s happiness depends on your own.

According to Psychic Blythe ext. 5339, “Keep your partner happy by being happy yourself.”

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Love Yourself First

Why do we sacrifice so much for the ones we love? We think that proving our love means giving them everything, and we often neglect ourselves in the process.

Charrmayne ext. 5058 explains why that kind of thinking is dangerous. “When you love the other more than yourself, the relationship is doomed. Love yourself first.”

Get Rid of the Baggage

You and your partner have baggage from your previous failed relationships on top of all the hurt you have caused each other in your current relationship. Don’t hold on to it.

Psychic Deejay ext. 5435 relates, “Give away the suitcase. In other words, you have to find a way to work through the baggage you hold on to.”

Pick Your Battles

Which fight is a fight worth having: the one about how he doesn’t squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube, or the one where he spends any spare dollar he has on buying drinks for friends? Well if those spare dollars could go toward paying off bills, you know the answer.

Psychic Giovanna ext. 5214 reminds us that “Picking your battles is of utmost importance. Sometimes we take things too personally, when in reality 99% of what a person does is not about us.”

Know Where to Place Blame

You never do anything wrong, right? That attitude is exactly why your relationship is out of balance.

Psychic Maryanne ext. 9146 shares, “If your relationship is out of balance, it’s due to both of you—not just one or the other. Alter your thoughts or behavior first to start the re-balancing.”


Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to forget that they hurt you. It just means that you are willing to move forward. Are you keeping track of every little transgression? When you say you can’t forgive someone, it really means you don’t want to forgive them.

Psychic Joyce ext. 9598 says the ability to forgive comes from a desire to forgive. “We can forgive a partner for anything if we want.”

Accept Them

Your partner is a packaged deal. There is good and bad in them (and you). You need to accept all of it if you want your relationship to last.

Make Time for Romance

Life is hectic and often gets in the way of love. If you feel like you are losing the romantic connection with your partner, we suggest taking Psychic Deejay ext. 5435’s advice.

She says, “Make time for a romantic evening, have a date night, bring kissing back, write sexy notes, dress sexy and share sexual fantasies. It is the little things that keep romance alive and fun!”

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You have power over the fate of your relationship and if you think it’s worth saving, then you and your partner need to do the work to save it. A psychic reading can give you’re the relationship wake-up call you need to let you know that you could be headed for heartbreak. And if that’s not what you want, at least you have some time to make things better.

3 thoughts on “Psychic Help: Will You Stay Together?

  1. Anat

    The man I dated asked me to take the STD tests. All tests came out negative but I found out I have antibodies of cold sores which I never had symptoms for. He told me he needs some time to rethink our relationship. I feel this is the end even though he did not say that. I am heartbroken about it. We never kissed and never had sex and we are together for about 2 months.
    Spiritually we were great together. We shared a lot of private life experiences and became very close, still without kissing and/or having sex. We did hold hands and hugged a lot. We both hoped this will take us to the next level. I am a widow, 53, he is a widower, 54. We are both nice, good, old fashion people. We are both well educated.
    Is this the end of our relationship? Will he be back? I am a Virgo and he is a Sagittarius.
    Why do I feel I am being punished for something I did not do? Was I just very naive to think he is my prince?
    Can you advice? Thank you.

  2. Chrissi

    The sex has gone from our relationship I don’t mind cuddles but he has let himself go putting on loads of weight, I know I have put on weight as well, fortunately not all over, but I am trying to get rid, and he doesn’t seem to care about it we stopped doing anything after he had cancer- but I had my menopause at the same time, so everything dried up and afterwards when we tried it hurt-not just me but him I personally don’t mind giving it up, or getting a lot less but he does, as he feels it means I don’t love him, but I do care about hurting his feelings, and don’t really want to tell him that he’s just too fat to be attractive at the moment- I do try to make love to him, but my heart’s not in it and I’m afraid he will realise, and maybe be hurt


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