Psychic Help: Our Guide to Valentine’s Day Romance

Sweet Gifts & Perfect Dates

Who wouldn’t love every day to be rich with love, sex and chocolate? Alas, not every day can be Valentine’s Day. Four of our most amorous psychics share their sweet nothings that promise to break hearts in the very best way possible.

Psychic Anastasia ext. 5610

SWEET GIFT: Think about style, taste and mood before you swipe the plastic card. You want it to be a gift that shouts “I love you.” Make your lover feel special by showing them you hear what they say and will do anything for them.

THE PERFECT DATE: Start with a candlelight dinner as the champagne chills in the ice bucket. Don’t be afraid to let go of your inhibitions and roll around on the floor. End the night with the always-romantic chocolate-covered strawberries.

Psychic Jeremiah ext. 5672

SWEET GIFT: Show you were thinking about your lover long before this day by mailing a lovely, handwritten card. Putting your feelings into words that you send out shows effort beyond the email and texting that we experience daily.

THE PERFECT DATE: Being a couple is part of being a team—do something together, for each other. Cooking a meal together is the perfect way to keep getting to know each other. After dinner watch a movie at home—the lack of lighting and the potential for snuggling will help things move along more romantically!

Psychic Keisha ext. 5728

SWEET GIFT: It is my belief that the Valentine’s Day classics go a long way to honor your love. Roses kick off the morning with a thoughtful, sweet tone, and chocolates arouse the night seductively with a yummy aphrodisiac.

THE PERFECT DATE: There are so many options for you and your love to reignite your romance with the enchanting embrace of nature. A creeks-side lunch with the one you love could make hearing the words, “I love you” extra meaningful.

Psychic Nicholas ext. 5499

SWEET GIFT: A gift doesn’t have to be expensive or purchased. A thought-through gift that you invest time and energy into on a personal level can be just as meaningful.

THE PERFECT DATE: Cast a wide net. Fill the day with all your lover’s favorite things. Take a trip to a sentimental locale where beautiful memories were made. Then, do something new and unexpected there to create a new memory.

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