How Psychic Denisha’s Free Will Helped Her Fall in Love

Respect Your Free Will

As humans, we innately possess free will, and this ultimate self-determination trumps everything the cosmos have to say about our fate. Regardless of what’s in your birth chart, we all have the ability to make an “uncharted” choice to move in a different direction from what our spiritual blueprint dictates. It’s part of what makes being human so special, and as such, this gift should be treated with a great deal of respect.

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Leaving a Toxic Situation

Now here’s my confession: When I met the man I’ve now been with for the last 25 years, we were both married to other people. I was on the verge of walking away from a painful, failing relationship—one in which I felt more like a slave, nursemaid and housekeeper than I did a wife. If I didn’t leave this toxic situation I would end up teaching my son he had the right to disrespect women, and I would teach my daughter that women could be emotionally, verbally and physically abused, and couldn’t do anything about it. I didn’t want that for my children, and I didn’t want that for myself.

I Exercised My Free Will

At one point, my then husband threw me out of the house, assuming I would beg him to let me stay with him. He exercised his free will, his personal right to throw me out, but he was shocked I used my free will to stay out and to welcome a divorce from him. He begged me to come back, but I told him I wasn’t happy in our marriage because of his mistreatment, and that I wasn’t going to remain unhappy in my life. I was exercising my free will to give myself permission to start my life over and be happier with someone who showed me respect, appreciation and love.

My Next Husband Exercised His Free Will

The man who I would later marry told me of the last affair he had with a woman who would consistently ask him to leave his wife. I said, “I will never ask you to leave your wife; you have to come to me of your own free will.” About two months later, that’s exactly what he did, and as a free man he could openly and honestly be with me.

We Held Ourselves Accountable for Our Choices

One reason I was so adamant about him coming to me of his own free will was that I didn’t want him to feel pressured, or that I was asking him to give up something he wasn’t sure he was ready to walk away from. I would wait and let him be the one to make up his mind. And by doing this, neither one of us would ever be able to look at the other one and say, “I gave up my marriage and family for you!” This way, we both were held accountable for the choice we made for ourselves.

Fall in Love With Free Will

I don’t see free will as something that should be taken lightly. Since free will is a Divine gift, when we fall in love we are then utilizing this gift, making an intentional choice of who we give our love to. If they want to be with us, they show us by using their free will and returning our attention with equal affection. When we fall in love, we continue giving our Divine gift of free will by staying faithful to that relationship. If we take our time and develop certain traits in a relationship before we truly give our hearts over, then our free will is not wasted, but instead is returned to us. Only then can we feel happy in the choice we’ve made.

6 thoughts on “How Psychic Denisha’s Free Will Helped Her Fall in Love

  1. Tanya

    Would love more advise on this free will in our relationship! Not sure if this was somethings that had really happen to you , Denisha but if so there’s so much more you maybe could help me out with. Kinda sounds like where my life is today and so confused about my lovers relationship with me at this time.

    1. Denisha

      I would be happy to give you a reading on your relationship. I know it is hard, when you are both in bad situations, and trying to end a current situation without causing more pain than there already is. Call me and I would be happy to see what we can see in your situation together.
      Love and Light,
      Psychic Denisha

  2. Nadia

    Nice story, but my opinion, is that I would not have interfered in a marriage, since your current husband was married at the time. Props for honesty, though! It sounds like it worked out !

    1. Denisha

      Nadia, thank you for being honest and for appreciating that I was able to be forthright about what happened in my own life.

      Brightest Blessings,

  3. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

    wonderful article Denisha…
    free will is sometimes hard to explain, yet it is one of the most important elements in life.

    I remember getting a numerology reading from you way back when you started with CP- you are one wise woman.

    having free will is a blessing,

    1. Denisha

      Psychic Quin,
      You are a sweet heart, and I have been reading your blogs. I love the insight you offer, your wisdom in so loving and caring. I hope you keep writing and sharing your wisdom.

      Psychic Denisha,

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