How Psychic Paige’s Career Advice Helped Two Callers

Big Career Moves

I give career advice readings and I especially enjoy helping women who are uncertain about their professional futures or who don’t know which career path to take. I’d like to share with you the story of two women— “Catherine” and “Erin.” “Catherine” was experiencing intimidation when it came to her next big move while “Erin” was stuck in another dead-end job. Sound familiar? These women reached out to me for help and changed their lives in the process. Read their stories and see if they resonate with you and your career struggles.

“Catherine’s” Story

New York on Her Mind

“Catherine” was an orthopedic surgeon in a midsize American city. However, in order to further her career, she felt that she would need to move to a prestigious institution in New York. When “Catherine” read with me she expressed concern that there were no women in that department at the New York hospital. In fact, it was a real male bastion. Despite her very impressive background “Catherine” was reluctant to apply and the whole situation had left her full of frustration.

The Courage to Apply

I did a tarot spread and I saw that if “Catherine” got up the courage to apply, this would be a big win for her. However, my guides told me that it might take several tries. I advised her that persistence would pay off. That fall “Catherine” went through a series of interviews at this hospital and, as I had foreseen, she did not get the job on the first try.

Worth a Second Try?

Later, she called me for another reading and this time I saw remotely that she would get the job on her second try. “Catherine” called me periodically through the summer for updates so I could take a fresh look at her situation. She said that my readings helped to keep her spirits up and her confidence strong.

When fall rolled around, it was time for her to apply again. “Catherine” shared with me how nervous she felt at the idea of sitting across from all these male faces as they grilled her with their interview questions. I double checked with my cards and my guides and I assured her that this time she would get offered the position.

Several weeks later, “Catherine” called with news. She got the position! It was a huge step up in her career, and she would be making considerably more money.

The Occasional Tune-up

Now working very successfully, “Catherine” calls me for occasional tune-ups. I help her deal with difficult colleagues and give her the information she needs to make choices and take action. I am always ready to give her clarity and helpful insights, along with a dose of humor to ease any stress.

“Erin’s” Story

“Erin” called me very depressed because she was stuck in the latest of her dead-end jobs. She felt stymied because she lacked a college degree. All of the most interesting jobs she encountered required a degree. A further difficulty for her was that she wasn’t even sure what she wanted to do. She also didn’t know where her talents lay.

Sales or Marketing

I used my tarot card and found that her best fields would be sales and marketing. As I shared this in our reading, she exclaimed that she had always been drawn to the idea of sales but never had the guts to apply because “they all want a degree.”  However, I did some remote viewing and saw that “Erin” would get offered a position, even if one of the requirements was a college degree.

Apply Anyway

I advised her to apply to all the sales jobs that interested her. She kept protesting over and over that she didn’t have a degree and how could this ever happen? I assured her over and over that it could and would. I said that they would overlook her lack of a degree and focus on her strengths instead.

A Manager in Months

Several months later, I got the good news from “Erin.” She had been hired for a sales position by a large, multinational corporation with deep pockets. By year’s end, she was managing a team of sales associates and was making more money than she had ever dreamed of making in her entire life. Through our readings, “Erin” was able to see more possibility than she ever imagined.

If you are having career struggles, call me. I can help you like I helped “Catherine” and “Erin.” They’re so much happier now and I have no doubt that you can be just as happy.

Psychic Paige ext. 9158

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