How Psychics Can Help You Find Answers

Getting Psychic Aid to Make Clear Decisions

It’s never easy to make decisions, especially hard ones. What we all need is an impartial “sounding board,” which is hard to find when the people in your life are involved in your day to day actions. There’s a need to know how those same people will be affected, so we need some objective insight into the people involved. Everyone in our lives is somehow affected in one way or another when we change our lives or paths… sometimes we can’ be sure of the clarity of their advice. The role I seem to fulfill most often is that of the confidant. However, I am a confidant who can actually look to the future to see how each potential path may result!

My suggestion to those who are seeking to understand a situation fully before they make a life- changing decision is to sit and give a few moments to prayer or meditation on their question(s) and then write down the basic points. Have a pen and paper handy so that you can make notes, and go into the phone call with your psychic, with an open mind ready to explore all the possibilities.

As an example, for my personal style of reading, it helps me to “tune in” to the inner mental workings (the psyche) of the people involved in your decision. Once we see how they’re really feeling about you and the situation, you may have more questions, but I do believe that the clarity will be so much stronger for you knowing what others are feeling about you now.

In my experience, there is rarely only one pathway showing up, except in cases of destiny when you have a divine destiny path, and usually that’s pretty clear to you as well, and you’re just looking for validation of your own intuition! What I usually see are potential pathways. Some are “brighter” than others; those are the most likely to happen based on what’s currently going on in your life. We can look at the other potential future paths, and we can even pursue a different path entirely and see how that would affect your future.

The other ways that a psychic can help you to make a decision is to show you how the other folks involved will react; how it may affect their lives. We can help you to see possible road blocks or problems and to customize the way you handle certain events to make the best choices for yourself. There are ways we can see upcoming changes that could affect your decisions. Money or behavior of others are two things that can change the path you currently think you’re on. The bottom line is that what we want to do is give you the clarity and options to help you to make the best possible choices in your life, and help you to create a path towards happiness!

3 thoughts on “How Psychics Can Help You Find Answers

  1. Jill

    I always am sitting in my bedroom with the door shut and very quiet. I then say a prayer before calling but thats part of my normal routine. As you are talking to your psychic think hard of your questions, concentrate on them and what you want but yet stay in tuned to your psychic and relax, and all will go smooth. Not everything will be sugarcoated, thats not what you want, you want the truth and thats what the psychics at California Psychics do.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great article, Yemaya

    Yes, keeping an open mind is important…. for we can see, hear and feel things that they usually cannot.
    I like my clients to sit and ponder their question a few minutes before calling, and keeping the bakground noise to a minimum helps to insure a good reading as well.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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