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What is a Psychic Pendulum Reading?

During a Psychic Pendulum Reading, a psychic incorporates the use of a pendulum as a tool to gain divine guidance from Spirit. Pendulum Psychic readings are extremely accurate and offer fast answers to help you make decisions about anything you are struggling with in your life. Both Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein were known to use pendulums, believing their function and accuracy centered on electromagnetism and the unseen energies around us.

How do Pendulums work?

The Pendulum Psychic will hold onto a chain attached to the pendulum and have it swing freely, allowing it to guide itself. The pendulum moves through your thoughts and energy as the querent, or Spirit that works through the Pendulum Psychic using the tool to address your questions. The pendulum will have certain movements that mean different things: circles, back and forth motions, elliptical motions, and sometimes a pendulum might begin to move up and down a bit to indicate strong energy around a situation. Your Pendulum Psychic will have already become familiar with how their pendulum moves in response, so they will know how to best interpret these movements and then relay your answers to you.

What can a Pendulum Psychic Reading tell me?

You can consult a pendulum to help you sort out answers to just about anything: questions regarding your destiny and life path, your relationships, your career situation, personal development goals, future predictions, and beyond. Pendulums also have a history of being used for dowsing to find lost objects, water, highly sought after minerals in the earth, among other things. Of course, the tool must be used correctly. This is why getting a reading with a psychic who specializes in this divination technique is the best way to accurately receive useful messages from the Universe. Most questions asked when consulting a pendulum have Yes or No answers, but some Pendulum Psychics work with pendulum charts in their readings and these can provide a variety of options for your unique situation that the pendulum can then respond to in a more refined way.

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