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What is an Oracle Cards Psychic reading?

Oracle Cards, sometimes called Angel Cards, are tools for divining guidance and receiving answers from Spirit. They’re similar to Tarot Cards in that each represents a message, an emotion, a piece to the puzzle of the issue you want addressed. As part of an Oracle Cards Psychic reading, your psychic can interpret meaning and insight into a troubling situation for you. Oracle Cards work a little differently than Tarot Cards and are unique in that they don’t always tell a symbolic story the way Tarot does. Instead, they work by inciting emotion and intuitive responses from the reader who will receive spiritual impressions through their psychic channels to apply to your reading.

What is an Oracle Cards Psychic?

Oracle Cards Psychics are fluent in the language of Oracle Cards and can consult them throughout your reading for clarification, or as a spread that tells the story of your situation to gain deeper understanding into it. Oracle Cards Psychics are experienced in applying this tool to your reading so you are offered the most beneficial guidance from the Universe.

What to expect in an Oracle Cards Psychic reading

During Oracle Card readings, each psychic will have their individual approach to how they use the cards, but most will begin by taking a moment to connect with their guides, your guides, and any other Spirit energies that want to come through and help provide answers. They will likely tell you throughout the reading which Oracle Cards come up for which questions so you know how Spirit is coming through in response. You will want to take some time before your call to relax and center yourself by taking slow and controlled breathes while you meditate on what you want the cards to help you discover. This will allow Oracle Cards Psychics to easily connect with your auric field and provide more accurate and resonating guidance during your reading.

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