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What is a No Tools Psychic?

TDuring a No Tools Psychic reading, your psychic does not consult any spiritual or metaphysical tools during a reading. Instead, they focus solely on the intuitive impressions they receive from Source through various psychic modalities, be it Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and so on. They may have more than one psychic ability, so their extra-sensory gifts might overlap during your reading to bring you multiple facets of information about your situation. This is, of course, the case for many of our psychic advisors on the line whether or not they use tools.

Why get a No Tools Psychic reading

The reason to specifically choose a No Tools Psychic reading over one where tools such as Tarot cards or Runes are incorporated might simply be a matter of preference for the caller. Perhaps you have decided to call one of our Psychic Mediums and do not want the flow of the reading to be interrupted by him or her addressing their psychic tool of choice. Although it is not the case that No Tools Psychics have more or better spiritual insight than a psychic who employs a Pendulum or Crystals, some callers do prefer psychics who receive their information strictly through their innate abilities without any assistance from tools. Additionally, most psychics on our line who use tools such as Oracle cards or Tarot cards, do so in such a seamless and developed manner that their readings are NOT interrupted by their use of tools.

How to best prepare for a No Tools Psychic reading

Because No Tools Psychics won’t be relying on outside assistance to tune into you for your reading, it’s important you relax and center yourself before having your call so that your auric field is as clear as possible. Take a few moments to take deep, controlled breaths and be sure to have your questions written down before calling. If possible, spend some time briefly meditating on your situation as well. Preparing in this way will help you to stay relaxed while connected to your No Tools Psychics and will lend towards your receiving the best and most accurate reading possible.

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