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What is Clairaudience?

During a Clairaudient Psychic Reading, your psychic receives intuitive information through their inner and outer hearing. Literally translating to “clear hearing,” Clairaudience is a bit like being in tune with your voice of wisdom and knowledge as messages received often sound like the quiet yet certain inner voice we all possess. Clairaudience is actually a very common psychic modality and yet many people who possess it are unaware the ability is at play. Some musicians, for instance, are often Clairaudient without realizing it, but we see evidence of this through the divinely inspired melodies and lyrics they channel from Source.

How does a Clairaudient Psychic reading work?

Clairaudient Psychics receive messages from their higher self, deceased loved ones, Spirit, and beings in the astral realm through hearing words, phrases, sounds, music, and anything else audible to their inner and outer hearing. Clairaudience is typically experienced internally as Spirit communicates telepathically, so Clairaudient Psychics will then intuitively interpret the messages. The sound of intuited messages isn’t usually as loud and clear as hearing someone speak to you from across the room; it can actually be quite subtle.

However, for Clairaudient Psychics who are also Mediums the ability can be experienced exactly this way. In such cases, when this type of Clairaudient Psychic hears messages, they are literally in the voice of a loved one who has passed away, an angel, or your spirit guides. As with all psychic readings, a Clairaudient Psychic will tune into your energy and begin hearing psychic messages regarding the question you’ve asked, or if you have no specific question in mind the psychic can simply relay the information Spirit wants you to know right now.

How can Clairaudient Psychic Readings help me?

Clairaudient Psychics are your line of communication between Source wisdom and divine clarity in any unresolved experience you are struggling with on the physical plane. Clairaudient Psychics can provide insight and guidance into any area of your life, be it love and relationship concerns, questions about career path, or beyond. Their extra-sensory ability allows them access to other realms of existence and thus directly connects you to a level of understanding you couldn’t reach without the help of a spiritual advisor.

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