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What is Automatic Writing?

Automatic Writing is an excellent method to connect with psychic ability and channel messages from Spirit, the Universal mind. The practice is accessible by anyone – professional psychic or not – and is used as a means to drop the ego self or conscious mind in order to receive intuitive guidance without the interference and noise of our limiting thoughts. To practice Automatic Writing all one must do is have a question in mind, meditate for a few moments on it, and begin writing for a decided length of time to essentially reach a stream of consciousness to allow psychic information to come through. Upon reading back what was written, the writer will uncover messages from Spirit.

How do Automatic Writing Psychic readings work?

Automatic Writing is actually a very simple practice. It’s important to create the right conditions for it, though, and experienced Automatic Writing Psychics will know exactly how to do this. Any type of psychic specializing in Automatic Writing, regardless of intuitive modality, can utilize this method in your reading. The psychic will prepare for the call by meditating briefly or “tuning in” to your question or concern, and then simply use a pen and paper, or even their computer to type, to begin channeling Spirit to uncover your answers. In Automatic Writing, a psychic will begin recording any and everything that comes to mind without judgment of the result, and will soon find the “flow” of the writing – or energetic connection to the Universal mind. Because of their experience as an intuitive as well as with this practice in particular, Automatic Writing Psychics will be able to discover answers to your question much faster and with more clarity than someone newly working with the process.

When is the best time for an Automatic Writing Psychic Reading?

Seeking an Automatic Writing Psychic reading isn’t limited to specific criteria of question, but it would be particularly helpful if you desire getting in tune with your subconscious mind or higher self. If you are confused about your genuine feelings about a situation or what is truly happening in an unclear circumstance in your life, Automatic Writing Psychics can channel your energy through Spirit and discover the answers you feel out of touch with.

How to prepare for an Automatic Writing Psychic reading

As is the case with receiving all psychic readings, you will want to prepare for your call by first settling your energy and quieting your mind. The fastest way to do this is through intentional deep, slow breathing in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Have the questions you want addressed written down on a piece of paper so you’re ready as soon as the Automatic Writing Psychics connects on the call.

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