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Our 20 minute intro packages are designed to work with your budget and give you the best possible reading.


Best for the curious.

  • Newest Psychics
  • Access to 229 Psychics
  • 3-5 Years Psychic Experience
  • 3.8 Average Star Rating
  • 200+ Positive Testimonials
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Best for those getting started.

  • Our Most Popular Psychics
  • Access to 299 Psychics
  • 5 - 15 Years Psychic Experience
  • 4.2 Average Star Rating
  • 700+ Positive Testimonials


For those with big questions.

  • Premier Psychics
  • Access to 368 Psychics
  • 10+ Years Psychic Experience
  • 4.6 Average Star Rating
  • 1,200+ Positive Testimonials

Any unused portion of your 20 minutes will remain in your account to use towards a future reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To safeguard your privacy, charges will always appear on your credit card statement as “TELCASH.”

  • There are three easy steps to start your psychic reading.

    Start by reading our psychic bios to discover which psychic you connect with best. Once you have found them, choose the talk or chat button.

    Next, you will be brought to an account set up page asking you to set up an account. As a new customer you will automatically receive a special promotion of $1/minute. If you would like to read with one of our higher tiered psychics for your first time, we also discount those for you at $2/min and $4/min, respectively.

    Once you complete your purchase, the call or chat will come to the phone number you provided in your account. If for some reason your call or chat did not go through, or the psychic is busy, you can either join the psychic’s queue and receive a callback when they become available, or pick another psychic who is currently available. You can also leave a message with the psychic, and they will reply within 24 hours.

    Please also check out our How it Works page.

  • There are many advantages to getting a psychic reading over the phone. Sometimes first-time customers worry that a phone call is not as effective as an in-person reading, but many times it’s even better. Here’s why:

    1. A reading that is done over the phone assures the energy is “pure.” During a phone call, the energy that the psychic is reading cannot be distorted or prejudiced by any distractions that the psychic might pick up on from the person being in the same room. For example, a distinctive necklace or a person’s facial reactions could be a distraction.

    2. Having a phone psychic at your disposal is much more convenient (and can be far less expensive) than having to make an appointment (sometimes months in advance), travel to where the psychic is, and pay for a full hour’s reading (or more).

    3. Phone readings allow each of our psychics to conduct their readings in a place of their choosing - one that best suits their working style. We have found that when a psychic is in their own environment, they tend to be most effective. This means accuracy for them, which translates to satisfaction and clarity for you!

    4. Phone readings provide privacy and confidentiality that can enhance your comfort and openness and lead to a more effective reading.

    5. Finally, as our Psychic Managers say, “Energy is energy. If a psychic has the ability to reach beyond this realm to the departed, as well as into past lives, a phone line will not present a problem for the truly gifted psychic.”

  • New customers receive a special promotion of $1/minute. If you are a new customer, please check out our How it Works and Pricing pages for introductory packages.

    If you are already a customer, welcome back! We have a regular list of packages you can buy every day. Discounts on our packages are also frequently available, and can be viewed in your customer account. Log into your My Account, click on My Specials, and then click on VIEW ALL packages available.

    We often send out promotional “promo” codes in our marketing materials like e-mails. If you have a promo code and would like to use it please click here to apply it to your Account.