Kim Kardashian, Ancient Egyptian

Kim Kardashian made headlines today when she released photos of herself in high Egyptian regalia, posing as Cleopatra or perhaps the goddess Isis, including pictures of her lounging with the cat goddess Bast. The photographs were taken for, and printed in, Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Perhaps Kardashian is demonstrating a past life—or simply that some cultural archetypes die hard, and she is one of the people current portraying this particular archetype?

The Sun reports:

The 30-year-old socialite dressed up as Cleopatra, recreating Elizabeth Taylor’s famous pose as the Egyptian queen for her 1963 movie role.

The buxom brunette showed off her slim but curvaceous figure in a tight-fitting leopard-print dress with a photoshoot for the US magazine Harper’s Bazaar. (Click through to see images.)

What do you think—what is Kardashian telling the world with her new Egyptian photo shoot—especially considering the current turmoil in Egypt?

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3 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian, Ancient Egyptian

  1. Valerie Dyck Gordon

    I don’t believe it was her choice but rather the magazine’s so hopefully she isn’t trying to “tell” us anything. Having said that, do you really think Kim would ever believe she could have been a slave or peasant in that period? People with healthy egos must have been someone important, it is the rest of us who were the peons. It makes me laugh. Of my past lives that I know of I was a school teacher, a secretary, the daughter of a minor noble AND a native buffalo runner killed driving bison off of a cliff (still afraid of heights and ledges). But who knows…perhaps I was Cleopatra in a previous life and Kim my servant. Wouldn’t THAT go over well! On that note, does anyone know if there are a number for the people who claim to have been historical and archaic notables ie. Queen Cleo? Now La Liz…..THAT was a woman who may well have been someone like Cleopatra or Elizabeth I of England. She had brains, strength, courage, was VERY well-spoken and judicious with her words and didn’t always wear her celebrity around herself like a masive cloak like so many celebutants such as Paris Hilton and the Kardasian sisters do. DO something rather than being famous for being famous and perhaps you too can be seens as people and not just walking clothes hangers. Just my opinion, and I prefer to admire those that DO, but not those who follow in their wake.

  2. Jacqueline

    One thing about it, when you have a drawing or a connection with any era, it usually is a sure sign that you may have had a past life during that time, it definitely is fun exploring.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  3. misskrystal

    Hi Kim-You make a wonderful Cleo….I always find myself very tuned into the things you say on interviews.
    Having an ethnic background, myself, I think it is wonderful what type of role model you have become for women all over the world. You have made a profound impact on the fact that beauty comes in all different types, all over the world…..I am a fan and I thank you for all that you have done. If people have not grasped how humble you can really be (admitting personal beauty secrets, etc), they should take another look! Kim, please call me here at CP as I would love to read for you. Please do not hesitate.
    Cheers and thanks, Miss Krystal


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