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How will charges appear on my card's statement?

  • To safeguard your privacy, charges will always appear on your credit card statement as "TELCASH."

How It Works

  • Our psychics are just a phone call away!

Can a phone reading be as effective as an in-person reading?

  • There are many advantages to getting a psychic reading over the phone. Sometimes first-time customers worry that a phone call is not as effective as an in-person reading, but many times it's even better. Here's why...

    1.A reading that is done over the phone assures the energy is "pure." During a phone call, the energy that the psychic is reading cannot be distorted or prejudiced by any distractions that the psychic might pick up on from the person being in the same room. For example, a distinctive necklace or a person's facial reactions could be a distraction.

    2.Having a phone psychic at your disposal is much more convenient (and can be far less expensive) than having to make an appointment (sometimes months in advance), travel to where the psychic is, and pay for a full hour's reading (or more)..

    3.Phone readings allow each of our psychics to conduct their readings in a place of their choosing - one that best suits their working style. We have found that when a psychic is in their own environment, they tend to be most effective. This means accuracy for them, which translates to satisfaction and clarity for you!.

    4.Phone readings provide privacy and confidentiality that can enhance your comfort and openness and lead to a more effective reading..

    5.Finally, as our Psychic Managers say, "Energy is energy. If a psychic has the ability to reach beyond this realm to the departed, as well as into past lives, a phone line will not present a problem for the truly gifted psychic."

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How old do I have to be to use your service?

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.

How do I make a purchase?

  • You can create an account and make a purchase as a New Customer on our website. You can also call our Customer Service team to help you set up your account.

What are my package options?

  • If you are an existing customer, you can sign in to Your Account and purchase a package online.

Do you have any specials?

  • We do have a birthday discount available in the month of your birthday. We also have a Karma Rewards program you can join that allows you to earn points towards free readings. Members also are eligible for special offers on a regular basis.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover), debit cards, and PayPal. We will charge your credit card only for the amount you specify.

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