Leo Monthly Horoscope

May 2019

Leo, you’ll never regret grabbing the rings on that colorful, fun love carousel that pops up unexpectedly the first two weeks of May. With Venus aspecting your ruler, the Sun, from Aries you can’t go wrong!

If single, Jupiter in Sagittarius will smile benevolently and will greatly increase your chances for bringing new lovers to your side. Don’t let Saturn damp down the party from Capricorn. During the second half of the month reality will settle you back into the routine so no need to fear getting lost in “neverland”.

Partnered Leos will find the first two weeks of May delightful, and this would be a great time to throw an outdoor party for friends and neighbors! Your Joie de Vivre will shine out making you the most popular people on your block. The weekend of May 11th and 12th would be an especially good time for this because the Moon will be in Leo adding color and drama to the whole production.

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