Aries Monthly Horoscope

March 2018

Once Venus moves into your Sun sign, March 6 through the 30th, you’re hotter than usual and all eyes will be on you. Single or not, a little attention is always good for the ego which makes you feel even more attractive. If you’re single, there will be plenty of old, current, and new flirts on tap—every way you turn. Of course, Venus will help you quickly and easily cut through the fray; anyone who isn’t actively seeking your attention or lacking in the consistent communication department will quickly fall by the wayside. For those in a relationship, this can be a great time to show your partner appreciation for all the little things they do that say “I love you.” If however, your relationship is already in a weird place, there’s a chance that your partner may view you as demanding of attention or just a little too self-absorbed. Ouch. If you really treasure your relationship, you’ll easily spot and spackle any cracks and use Venus’ persuasive powers to smooth things over.

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