Aries Monthly Horoscope

January 2018

Between January 8 and 9, Mars (your ruling planet) will be in sexy Scorpio, a sign that has a true sexual affinity with your own. Mars will be interacting with several planets in classy Capricorn, and although you and Caps often dance to a different beat, something in the mix could bring a magical love vibe to the surface, making you attracted to and intrigued by the unusual or not your typical type. If you’re single, what have you got to lose? On the 17th, singles will have another chance to meet someone new, possibly after an introduction from a friend. Single or attached, the Universe is trying to get you to expand your thinking around love and the possibilities that exist beyond what you’ve known as tried and true. The Full Moon on the 31st lights up your playful fifth house of fun and frivolity. Show your date or partner the more adventurous side of your personality. It’s going to be an interesting month to remember.

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