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Sagittarius and Libra Compatibility

Sun Sign Compatibility: Sagittarius and Libra

Sagittarius and Libra are fun-loving pleasure seekers who enjoy indulging in good food, good times with good friends. Free-spirited Sagittarius shows socialite Libra the joys of traveling and living life by the moment, while Libra loves networking with the natives wherever they land, adding their flair and flavor to the mix. Simply put, these two have a zest for life. For the most part, they’re like two BFFs with some excellent benefits.

Sagittarius tells it like it is, which can be refreshing. However, their delivery can seem a bit harsh for the more-refined Libra’s taste. Libras like smooth edges and soft lines, not steep drops or hairpin curves. Date nights, spontaneous weekend getaways and having some separate interests, will help these two keep the balance this relationship needs. Sagittarius and Libra have far more in common than they have differences, making this a love match made to last.

Love by Element:  Fire and Air

Sagittarius and Libra make a wonderful Fire and Air combination, especially in love. Libra is really a good match for Sagittarius—they’re full of energy and extremely social. This can be an exciting combination with lots of staying power, as Air sign Libra is always on the move, thereby keeping the Sagittarian fires burning bright.

The only time this “perfect union” could get sticky is when Libra, the partnership sign, wants an official commitment from Sagittarius, the sign known as the “bachelor or bachelorette sign.”  It won’t be easy for this freedom-loving Fire sign to take the leap into marriage and they’ll only do so after considerable thought. However, once these two decide to make a commitment, they’ll both be happy they did.

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Discover your Zodiac Compatibility with other signs:

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