Wake Up Your Psychic Ability

How to Become a Psychic!

It has been my experience that any human being can be psychic, yet many have blockages that hinder this ability. Many of my clients, after having readings with me and working on clearing their blockages, are now offering readings to others utilizing their natural ability. Traumas from this life and past lives can create subconscious blockages that become limitations as a self-defense mechanism. When the blockages are cleared, psychic channels can open up and be developed.

Often it takes a trauma like loosing someone close to you to become the seeker of these unknown abilities because you want to know there is more and that death is not the end. The seeker can then choose the journey of opening their abilities. People will usually end up communicating with their loved ones who have passed on, making it safe for them to talk with Spirit or receive messages from guides. I believe the agreement to use psychic ability in this lifetime is made as spirits.

As an energy medicine practitioner and psychic, I have chosen to use my gifts to assist people in identifying the subconscious blockages they have and then using tools to aid  in clearing them. I have found this process to be a natural way to unlock your psychic potential. Understanding spiritual messages and how they appear as well as being able to mentally step aside, are a part of this journey.

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Tuning into a person or animal and allowing that information to flow can be challenging at the beginning. I taught an animal communication class once and a person who had many doubts ended up communicating with a goat! The goat told her he came from royalty and was the farm manager. The messages were validated. He had a champion pedigree and no one got in or out of the barn without him checking them in or out. It’s important to share the information for validation purposes.

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Trusting through a better understanding of the messages is something most beginners need to fine tune. I believe that if you begin pulling cards, dowsing, studying animal messages, meditating and clearing away the trauma and blockages, anyone can open up to receive psychic messages. It does depend on how much time you are willing to put into practicing and if your mind feels safe enough to step aside. You are actually creating new neurological pathways energetically, so practicing is very important. Intention organizes its own fulfillment. Keep your attention on your determination to develop your psychic ability and amazing things will occur. The messages are always there for you!

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36 thoughts on “Wake Up Your Psychic Ability

  1. dmain

    I just recently opened, its amazing, i see bad outcomes of things, like personal life plans, and avoid them. Also i can heal, i took the chest pain from my girlfriend. It did hurt for a while but i focussed and it left my body.

    1. CeNoEvl

      Try to be brave because it’s worth it. U rise the ranks as spirits agree on your progress. It is suffering, but if u tune into your imagination , which bears weaponry of all kinds, u will start winning. However, i am getting drained and running around the house trying to settle down. Uncomfortable painful but just picture the big picture rise above and see people’s energy

  2. Justyce

    I am 16 years old. My mother is a medium and psychic. she was born with the abilities to see hear touch and interact with spirits and the future. i am just now learning how to open up and I am Excited yet worried. I want to be as good as my mom with this stuff because she really looks forward to seeing me do amazing things with the life i was given. Does anyone have any advice to give me?

  3. GagaForGod

    Psychic abilities are very possible, it can get tricky when one uses their inherent psychic abilities for incorrect purposes. The dividing line between white and black magic and psychic abilities is very blurry at best! Especially during adolescence when a persons brain and body and mind are changing so rapidly.

  4. Michelle

    I use to live in a house with several spirits. This was validated for me by a medium. So i saw and heard things people would never believe. I moved away never giving much thought. I have always been drawn to spirits and stuff. As of the last 2 months things have been happening so quickly.. I get quick pictures in mind or hear someone talking to me… But it isnt outloud. At the end of the day my head is drained and headache sets in. How do you release everything… I can pick up on peoples feelings then they become my own, any suggestions would help… I have set up meeting with medium to help me, till that time I am at a loss.

  5. Amber

    I hv some abilities to hear and see ghost. They follow me every where i go and feel they’re always trying to talk to me so i want to learn how to fully open up

  6. ALLA

    Wow, great article and so true. I feel exactly that after losing someone close to me my abilities have become more fine tuned and i notice stuff more. Thank you

  7. RyanJayy

    Your comment stuck out like a sore thumb to me. I am developing my psychic and medium abilities at this stage in my life, and still have much more to learn. After i read your comment about your mother passing away and wanting to know if she loved you. From recognizing my spirit guides and having a great craving to help other people out i can confidently say that your mother did, and still does, love you. I wish i could provide more information, but i strongly recommend you speak with a medium who is more experienced in this area. i know this is very general, but i hope it is able to give you a jump start in making the first step.

  8. jennifer

    My mother passed away 5 years ago.i just would like to ask her one question . I would like to know if she loved me.

  9. Home Heating

    Thank you amazing blog, do you have twitter, facebook or something similar where i can follow your blog

    Sandro Heckler

  10. ri

    HOw do stop soemone trying to connect to you or steal your energy or hurt you. YOu can feel the enrgy and see the person face.

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  19. Michael Quiroga

    I have abilities of some sort: night-time stars appear before me when I look for them, I can make words sound with the wind, I can make words sounds into music, I can shape clouds a bit. These are some of the things I can do. I really can. It is simply true.

    My name is Michael Quiroga…..at mq92979@aol.com.

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  27. thelovelyducklingThe Lovely Duckling

    Thanks for this article, Adrianna! I agree with you that we are capable of more than most people believe. I know that I have learned so much from so many on this blog. My abilities have increased significantly since I started visiting the blog and having readings. Even though there are obstacles that I have yet to face, I know I am on the right path now. By listening even more clearly to my own intuition and receiving guidance from my guide, I have made lots of changes to my life.

  28. Jacqueline x9472

    Great points Adrianna,

    One thing you wrote about is once you let go of the blocks you will open up more, I have found this to be so true, blocks, ill fillings, grudges, anger will hold you up and prolong the opening up process, once you release and let go, you will see that you will continue to open up and your psychic abilities will open up more and more.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  29. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I read this article three times in a row…..every time I read it I like it even more…..makes sense that when the blocked channels are cleared the natural intuitive energy flows better……….
    …meditation is also key as well in the ” unfolding ” process.
    Well done Adrianna !

    Blesed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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