Use a Pendulum for Answers

This simple system can tap into psychic energies and provide everything from simple yes-or-no answers to using maps to pinpoint exact locations, and can even go all the way to breaking down complex information from the universe via “fan diagrams.” Many ready-made pendulums are available either online or at a local alternative supply store, or you can make your own using your jewelry or with a visit to a jewelry supply store. Pendulums are made with different types of stones or gems, totem images or weights, usually on a piece of chain approximately six to ten inches long, with a small counterweight on the other end. It’s a good idea to try some out before you pick one to see what type works best for you.

Some believe you “must” use your non-favored hand (your left hand if you’re right-handed), but I taught myself at first and use my favored hand, and it’s much more comfortable for me. Several methods are typically used for holding the chain, and this is what I prefer: hold your chosen hand as if you were about to reach out to offer your hand in a handshake in front of you, let your fingers curl in just a bit, then drape the chain over your fingers with the heavier end hanging down approximately three to six inches on the inside of your hand, and the counterweight (lighter end) over the outside of your hand. Place that arm’s elbow on a flat surface to stabilize your hand and give you the most accurate movements.

Place your other hand, palm up, under the weighted end and slowly and lightly touch it down into the palm, barely touching, just enough to steady it. Now you’re ready to begin. I like to send a wave of energy down the chain, introduce myself to the materials and ask them to communicate with the universe for the highest good.

Now talk directly to the pendulum and ask it to show you what a “yes” would look like, and slowly and carefully lower you opposite palm down away from the pendulum, allowing it to hang free. Observe how it moves: Is it a circular motion to the right or left? A straight line from front to back or side to side? This will represent a “yes” answer. Now repeat that process for a “no” answer. You can create a pad with “yes,” “no” and “maybe” on it, or use a fan pattern for multiple answers: draw a half circle or fan shape on paper, divide into sections like pie slices and write in what each section’s meaning would be, should the pendulum swing directly over that space on the fan.

It is said that if you take the wedding ring of a pregnant married woman, string it onto a necklace that she wears regularly, and do these steps over her baby bump, the pendulum can tell you what sex the child will be, or even in some cases what month and day the child will arrive!

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3 thoughts on “Use a Pendulum for Answers

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  2. Jacqueline

    Hi Yemaya,

    I enjoyed your article, I have found using a pendulum very useful when checking the energy in my home, by holding the pendulum with my right hand, walking through every room, if it spins then the energy is good, if negative then the pendulum will be still.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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