Twilight Tarot

I thought I’d do a Tarot spread for the relationships in Twilight. To my surprise it’s a lot more intense and in-depth than I hoped it would be, and, just like the books, I couldn’t tear my eyes from it.

In spite of what I thought I knew about the stories of Edward, Bella and Jacob, the issues that sang out in this spread are the Hanged Man and the Ace of Coins (both inverted). My spread also starts out with the Sun and the Knight of Cups. Putting these all together we have someone content with the way things are going. He’s living a life of random indulgences, personal checks and balances, and not knowing exactly how to handle change, yet he feels he’s ready for something. Then enters this attractive woman that makes him feel something deeply, but he isn’t sure why. After issues involving love, loathing, death, carelessness, and over-kindnesses, they become the King and Queen of Swords with nothing standing between them. The Queen, however, has other layers to her. In her layers she has the Knight of Batons and the Page of Cups. She has a pretty clear idea of what she wants in life even though it’s wrapped in adolescent ideas.

I don’t want to put any spoilers in this because some people may still be working on the books or just waiting to see the movies, but what really grips me about this spread (so far, because there is a WHOLE lot more) is that the dynamic is not only that of Edward and Bella, but also Jacob and Bella.

What is safe to mention though, is that at the end of my spread, the Knight of Coins inverted/King of Cups inverted (a double layered male) watches the Chariot with the Empress and the King of Coins. Hmmmmmm…

Spreads like this are very good practice for sharpening your reading skills and seeing new meanings. Why not give yourself a fun practice throw? What card do you think most represents each character?

4 thoughts on “Twilight Tarot

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  2. pat

    this is pat again.the song was george strait
    i cross my heart….that is kelsey and my song and also dolly parton.i will always love you

  3. pat

    my heart goes out to each and everyone of you..
    a year ago in july i lost my husband to cancer and now this nov. i lost my best freind of 13 yrs to cancer… her name a beatiful white and tan dog she was my everythig..when the time come to let her go i laid on the bed with her and cried..i said to her is it time to go see kenny………she looked at me gave a little groan and then kissed me…. her a promise yrs ago i would never let her suffer she was just to good for that…G.Strait..i will always love you


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