Tiger Woods: Capricorn Clash

Two Capricorns going through a scandal has got to be tough. Both Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin, are Caps, the sign most concerned with reputation. The recent reports of Tiger’s sexual shenanigans have prompted several women to come out of the woodwork, claiming to have had affairs with him. Oh, my!

So what’s up with their charts? Tiger’s afflicted Neptune shares some of the blame. Neptune, the planet of both deception and compassion, is conjunct his Moon in Sagittarius and opposite his Mars in Gemini. This can indicate someone who needs to escape through fantasy, sex, drugs or the like. On the positive side, it also indicates someone unusually compassionate (The Tiger Woods Foundation helps disadvantaged children).

As for Elin, she has Moon in either adaptable Gemini, which would help her weather the storm, or home-loving Cancer, which would make her easily wounded emotionally. As a couple, her Venus in Aquarius is at odds with his Venus in Scorpio; Aquarius is freedom-loving and detached, whereas Scorpio is passionate and possessive. This clash makes it harder to understand each other’s relationship needs. Difficult, but not impossible.

As for what’s ahead for them, between now and most of next year, transiting Saturn in Libra will be squaring their Suns in Capricorn. Whether they’re together or apart, dealing realistically with their individual and shared issues will take priority.

16 thoughts on “Tiger Woods: Capricorn Clash

  1. jim

    Can’t speak to what you all profess because I am not tutored or enlightened in the same.
    But I will admit to being curious into gaining an insight to Capricorn women, both their proclivities and their tendencies inter personally….Quite complex me thinks from where I sit and what I have observed for eight or nine months……I come away with “secretive” and multiple layers of deceit but of course I could be wrong…..Not by much though.

    But as for golf, a little something that I do know about first hand, I might opine that Mr. Woods despite all his frailties and detractors is without a doubt the very best of the best when healthy
    and apparently looks to ready to make another run at Jack’s major record in 2012….

    Of course that’s just my opinion.

    Peace to all and good tidings…


  2. TigerFan1

    I am most sure what I say will not make a difference on this issue. This whole situation gets me.Tiger is not perfect people,he is human.His marriage did not work,for many reasons.I am not leaving him blameless either.Lets remember shall we that the picture painted by the public is not all pretty.His ex wife is not so perfect…She and Tiger were working on a reconcile,but wait??? As they were holding hands during this time on camera and talking about working it out…Mrs.Woods was pregnant, and it was not Tigers….She had a boyfriend on the side..Did anyone forget this? So they proceeded with the divorce and she got to keep the outlandish new home being built to her requirements.I suppose where her and her new fellow,the new baby that is his live now….Thanks to Tigers gifted ability to play golf and win! I know the game of golf very well and how after every PGA tournement they have massive parties for the golfers.They are surrounded by anything and everything that is allowed.Do not ever think for one minute Tiger is the only bad apple in this game..He is not! My uncle was a member of the PGA for along time and played with all the greats.He was a master of the sport.He passed away from cancer.He always wanted to write a book about the life of a golfer and what he experienced.I was with him so much thru the years.I saw as well with my own eyes what goes on after a big golf tourn.Women every where,almost shoved down your throat,and your wife sitting there beside you.Drinking,running their mouths.My uncle was approached so many times He lost count.They were paid to entertain the golfers no matter what.Dont think they were turned down alot either.The ones that are older now and are household names in golf were the worst…So lets not be to quick to throw stones at Tiger.The sweet lilttle wife was not so sweet as most thought.She to was advised to go to anger management for help for her temper.Their neighbor even openly admitted she was to harsh and to quick with her temper and angry words with Tiger alot.He could not help but hear her…Not one human on this earth is perfect.Tiger comes the closest in golf today as almost perfect.He is a very gifted and committed player.His personal life is his not ours.I admire him for his talent.Frankly he is smiling alot more and talking alot more and seems to be enjoying his sport and life much more since the divorce.I am a female,Iv called it as I see it.It is that simple….I am a capricorn as well.I have never had good luck in my life that I can ever remember…I am not old and not twenty either.If any good luck is going to come my way? I wish it would hurry up before I get to old to enjoy it…So I have learned one thing thru the years.Tell the truth and get it over with and remember not many want to hear the truth.I wish each of you a wonderful day filled with love and peace.Thank You.

  3. Rose Cocca

    what is blue eyes doing now..she back again? did you and her had a little capricorns..i know all about you …you slept with a lot of women in your past.. i dont care about the women part… i do care about the virus ..is it gone..? she was in the cafe tosay and what were you doing there while she was there..i know you told me not to say anything..you dont have worry i wont talk to her…WHAT DOES SHE HAVE ON YOU>>WHY CANT YOU TELL ME…you must know i will stand by you all the time…you dont know it but know all you..and your past..i ddont care it come out in open..whatever it is i will be of your chest,,, please dont worry about me i know it all…and i dont care what they know.. I DONT CARE HOW BAD IT IS>..and i wont say anything to blue eyes..so relex…you know you get very upset..and about that other gray hat..how is doing..if my family is reading it is only a story.. this is not real.. please answer so i know how to end this book…

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  5. Jacqui Bretan

    Hi Gina Rose & Amelia;
    I’ve been following U all & enjoying Ur comments. I was wondering if U can give me any insight for 2010. My name is Jacqueline but I go by Jacqui & my bd is 2/16/1951.

  6. Louise Luna

    The public reaction to Tiger Wood’s personal life issues has been to the ridiculous level. First of all, many men/women who are so enthralled by the “fall” of this man, are cheating as they read. Maybe that is it, his “fall”. I don’t care what words people speak, many want to see people ‘fall’. The better they are doing, the higher we hope they’ll fall from their pedestal. Tiger Woods has spent his life, mentored by his father, to be a golf champion. I don’t even know when he had time to lose his virginity! I am sure the loss of the man that had such an impact on Tiger Woods, left him in a space that maybe people have not given enough thought too. He was Tiger Wood’s rudder. My issue with the Tiger Woods fiasco, is that he should not have gotten married, without giving himself the gift of freedom. To explore, learn about himself without anyone but himself in that space. But being a Capricorn, he had to acquiece to the status quo.
    And to marry a ever-climbing, ever improving their own ‘reputation” Capricorn. Food for thought: As women, we can lear to read the “signs” a man puts out, or sometimes wear like a neon sign over their head. I’m curious as the signs his then girlfriend may have seen and maybe ignored. The public put this individual on a pedestal. I don’t think he exploited his celebrity. I don’t think he embraced it either. A wiser, more experienced man could easily have carried on the two life-styles. Tiger Woods’ naivete was so obvious. Lastly, re: the chilren involved. I feel that more important than a pre-nup agreement, there should be put into place before any marriage, a PRE-PEG agreement. For when the marriage is crashing down, and the anger is flying, a pre-preg agreement would bring back into focus, the original intent/desire to do what is best for the children Cooler heads were prevailing then, and the key people should “remember” where they were coming from when a pre-preg agreement was reached.
    Many people seem to be on the side of Mrs. Woods, I predict that if they do divorce, she will be married within two years to another prominent man.
    Men, in their own stupidity, want to be married to a woman with her own celebrity. Mr. Woods, you should have given more thought to the idea of marriage. You knew your history, your desire and secrets. Capricorns are born with that old soul, and as they grow older chronlocially, they grow younger spiritually. Mr. Woods, you have given, for the most part, your entire life to your sport. Now is the time to give the proper time to sort this mess you have made, and more importantly, know thyself, so you can avoid any more situations in your life. Lastly, please don’t put anything in writing that can come back and bite you. Louise Luna

  7. Aishah b striggles

    All one can say, is time for transformation,the planets are cleaning up house,and what you, did in the past, will come into the light,and no one will get by, no matter how hard you may try,It,s like taking life for grated. peace be with you,be good to the stars and the stars will be good to you. peace,POET Aishah.

  8. Marianne

    If you had have a chance to know Elin (Mrs. Woods), even the slightest, you would understand how TOTALLY out of character your suggested behaviour would be for her.

  9. renny

    I also been learning so much about,Capricorns and there, unfaithfull ways. knowing Tiger is a capricorn and also a 1 life path in numerology, and what he did, the same time my x, did the same to me. wow! it must be in the stars for them to do this,she also a capricorn with a 1 lifepath also i wonder how many other did the sane?

  10. Cortney

    Hi Amelia, thanks for the insights about Eclipses. It will be interesting to see what other course corrections and illuminations come about for Woods and his wife in the next few weeks.

  11. Cortney

    Hi tl, a T-cross that involves transiting Saturn and Pluto can create an inner tug-of-war for sure! Pluto wants deep level changes, while Saturn brings up fears about rocking the boat. I wonder if the Woods will stay together through the battle.

  12. Patricia

    Capricorn men seem to be really having a hard time being faithful these days and mainly they are the ones that are celebrities as to boot- to wit: Mel Gibson, David Caruso (interestingly, both men were born a few days apart, from New York State AND in the SAME YEAR!), now, we have Tiger Woods.
    They also seem to not be wearing any hairshirts emotionally either, they seem to just take everything in emotional stride, hold the money strings (as far as the injured significant other or wife is concerned)and do what suits them. But we know what the law of Karma will DO- I hope they will wake up and change before it’s too late.

  13. tl

    As for timing – Pluto entering Capricorn, and currently squaring its ruler, Saturn. And if Elin has a Cancer moon, it will be in a T-square with both.

  14. louise

    Not knowing Tiger Woods entire chart, I can’t see the whole picture that is Tiger Woods. No true Capricorn, with so much to lose, would go where Mr. Woods went. They weigh everything against what they have accomplished and would not threaten that status. Of course with Saturn as his ruling planet, the karma would come quickly.
    I think this is a private affair, but Mr. Woods lives on the public stage, and old Man Saturn will play on that same stage. I don’t know why people insist on getting married, and then fool around. I say, fool around,ALOT, then get married. If that is your cup of tea. Because Tiger Woods is a Capricorn, marriage is part of the status quo. It is what is expected, and the Capricorn, in general, will do what is expected.
    He is still young, and that may have done something to undermine this Capricorn’s intuitive knowledge that he should play in his own backyard.
    Also, being a Capricorn, he will wear a hairshirt for the rest of his life. He doesn’t owe the public anything. He is a brilliant golfer, who lost his father/mentor and maybe that loss left him open to stray off the Capricorn’s path. But he’ll keep straddling that mountain, and the story will get old. It’s interesting to see how his guilt is manifesting. I think his wife, herself being a Capricorn, and an opportunist (another Capricorn element) is the one I would say, ‘SHAME ON YOU’ for exploiting the situation from a financial aspect. Look out, Mrs. Woods, old man Saturn knows where you live.

  15. Psychic Amelia 9772

    Also, the Lunar Eclipse coming on December 31 is in Cancer- the sign that is opposite Capricorn. (And opposite Cancer’s Solar first house which is the 7th house of marriage). The Solar Eclipse on January 15 is IN Capricorn. Eclipses are known to be ‘course correctors’. Eclipse energy brings light to what is hidden. So, it isn’t any surprise that whatever has been hidden from these two Capricorns is suddenly being brought out into the open. And, because of their notority, it is REALLY being brought out into the open!


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