Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

Listening is a powerful skill that takes work but can result in increased productivity and self-confidence. To put it simply, listening is critical in our daily lives. Through Tibetan bowl sound healing, you first learn to listen through your bones as the bowls are placed on your body. Secondly, you listen with your ears when the teacher strikes the crown chakra bowl, and then the right and left bowl around your head. The bowls on your body are struck or sang in geometrical patterns depending on what each individual needs.

The sound is useful for meditation, healing, stress reduction, biofeedback, chakra balancing and cell toning. The tones set up a “frequency following response” that creates synchronization between the left and right brain hemispheres. Relaxation, creativity and a sense of balance follows. Meditation with sound helps the sitter to become in tune with the universal chord which is the basis of existence and the core element of our inner still point.

I have been doing Tibetan bowl meditations and concerts for two years. I also love Tibetan bowl sound healings done in private sessions. Gong baths are a follow up to each session. The gontas and dorjas also play a role in each session. Children usually fall asleep. Even children that are ADD or ADHD become completely relaxed and their behavioral pattern changes almost immediately. My set includes three gongs, three Gontas, ten bowls (from grounding bowls to very high tones) titanium wind chimes, rain sticks, and a few other instruments.

I prefer the bowls to Acutonics as they work on all the meridians at once rather then traveling through just the two points. However, when the need shows up, I do a combination treatment of the tuning forks and Tibetan bowls together. After each treatment I have my client sit up gradually, not too fast, and drink lots of water for the rest of the day. A little warning … it may pull some impurities out … you may feel cold or hot for a bit. The direction you are striking the bowls in or the direction their sound is travelling is also important. Intention, trust, observation before treatment and Tingsha diagnoses following treatment are all musts. I end by circling the client three times, clockwise usually, with the grounding bowl. Lama Rimpoche Karapa Karmapa stated that “…the sound of the bowls is the sound of the void…” (the Buddha described the true nature of reality as ultimate emptiness beyond phenomenon).

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  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Zeba,

    Nice article….I once knew somebody, a healer and massage therapist, who used the tibetan bowl technique and was also getting into using crystal bowls for healing.

    I found the sounds she produced to be HIGHLY relaxing……anybody interested in this really needs to try it….it’s amazing .

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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