The Virgo Man

Demanding and sometimes controlling, the Virgo man is an interesting
specimen. While practical to the core, he often seeks to balance
himself out with his polar opposite – spontaneous, artistic types who
know no limits. His openness to dating different types depends on how
likely he thinks it is that they’ll respond. When it comes to work,
however, the diligent Virgo needs to make money and produce results.
Virgos make great businessmen – astute and informed, if a bit
risk-averse. In life and in love, you’ll know Virgo by his attention to
detail – no matter what (or whom) the object is of his desire.

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One thought on “The Virgo Man

  1. Ed

    What happened to this article “The Virgo Man”? No text. Not very Virgo… Ed
    PS. Enjoy your website alot.


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