The Significance of December 21, 2012

It’s Not Just the Mayans Getting Excited…

The question has been posed on many occasions: “How did the Mayan calendar become the authority on predicting the end of time?” While the Mayan calendar is a brilliant method of keeping track of harvests, celebrations, and historic events, it’s certainly not the only source predicting something auspicious about 12/21/2012.

The Winter Solstice of 2012 is a big event for many cultures that have tracked the night skies, including the Hopi, Cherokee, Pueblo, Hindus, Incas, Aztec, Tibetans and Egyptians. The Mayan calendar was developed by priests who were also highly skilled astronomers, and who kept detailed records of the night sky. They paid particular attention to the phases of the moon, and the position of Venus. Their records enabled them to predict future astronomical cycles, and keep track of time.

It’s not surprising that the Winter Solstice holds significance for many cultures, as from the vantage point of the earth, one of the signature events in the night sky is an alignment between the Earth, sun, and center of the galaxy. This is known as the galactic alignment, and will be particularly auspicious on December 21, 2012, as the Mayan Long Count calendar will be marking an end to another 5,126 years of existence.

2012: Mayan Significance

According to some theorists, the end of the Mayan calendar will mark the end of the world, even though there has been no such claims in any of the texts or glyphs recovered from Mayan ruins. In truth, the end of the world (as would have been predicted by the Mayan calendar) has passed us by at least 150,000 times, considering the age of our planet. That’s a lot of close calls!

In 968 AD, a German emperor predicted an eclipse would end the world. In 1179, an upcoming planetary alignment was believed to be the final curtain call for civilization. On December 17, 1919, another planetary alignment was suggested that could cause a magnetic pulse that would destroy the sun, decimating Earth in the process. The only reason this particular Mayan calender turnover is any different from any other is because it’s the next event in line to attach an “end of the world” theory to.

The Galactic Alignment

Some claim that the galactic alignment of the planets is the defining difference of the upcoming 2012 doomsday. It has been speculated that an alignment might create a pulse of electromagnetic waves, which would blast down upon the Earth, creating all sorts of devastation, including earthquakes, floods, and super volcano eruptions. Most scientists, however, strongly disagree with these theories.

“There is no planetary alignment happening on 2012,” affirms Christine Pulliam, a Public Affairs specialist for the Center for the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. “A number of planets are going to be on the opposite side of the sun from us, unlike 2000 (Y2K), when we did actually have several planets lining up.”

The key to the theory of aligning planets is that even if the planets did align in a perfect line, it would be no more significant than a tree in your front yard that appears to be in alignment with that of your bedroom window. While from the Earth such an event may appear to be noteworthy, from any other location in the solar system, it would be just like any other day. In fact, ever since the alignment in 1998, the constellations are slowly shifting away from each other.

The Next Doomsday

Theorists have already begun to build a new doomsday around the Mayan calendar, in case the upcoming one fails to produce results. Some scientists believe that our translation of the Mayan calender could be off by as little as several months or as much as 100 years. This puts our rendezvous with death anytime within the next millennium. This is very convenient for those who stand to profit from another series of doomsday dates, such as Hollywood and various end of world book authors.

Within the spectrum of unexplained astrological events comes a certain exhilaration in knowing that anything and everything is possible. Even with today’s technology, we are still just as awestruck by the night sky as our ancestors were. As long as there remain unanswered questions to life, there will always be theories about the deeper meaning behind every momentous event that occurs. 12/21/2012 is just another event we are striving to bring meaning to. Most of us here at California Psychics choose to see this as a time of enlightenment (positive transformation), rather than doom.

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  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Eric,

    Great article !!!!

    If mankind does come to an end, or close to an end,….it will ONLY be because we did it to ourselves!!!!!!!!
    ……..thru war,polution of our planet and it’s resources and , over population.
    ( over population IS the real pink elephant in the room that everybody is afraid to discuss by the way).

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ex.9500


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