The Emotional Body

Many are familiar with the phenomenon of the aura. It is not surprising that many are able to at least sporadically view it, since there will always be an interface or boundary between the physical realm and the next “finer” level. An example would be a glass of water. Now pour in some oil, which will float on the surface because it is lighter than water. You can see visually where the water begins and the oil ends. The boundary where the two meet is the equivalent of the aura/physical interface. Keep in mind that one is only viewing the boundary, the tip of the iceberg. Actually viewing the entire energy field, or medicine wheel is metaphorically seeing the oil as well.

Now, imagine that there are multiple layers of energy, each higher and finer than the next one, the grossest or most condensed being the physical body. Each of these energetic bodies is connected to Chakra vibration. On every level our thoughts, feelings and actions influence the expansion or contraction of these “spinning wheels of light.” If your religious perspective does not support such an “Eastern” viewpoint, just look to the artistic depictions of Christian saints, from Jesus on down. The halo around the head represents the visual depiction of the Crown Chakra, the opening of which indicates direct union with Source.

The Kundalini is described as the coiled serpent that resides at the base of the spine, pure feminine energy. Its circuit runs from the base of the spine to the roof of the mouth. You might find it interesting to note that most if not all of the language phonetics of ancient India requires the tongue placed on the roof of the mouth. This was deliberate. The Kundalini Serpent is described as being coiled two and a half times around the spine. The staff of the Cadeucius represents the spine. The serpents are referred to as the “ida” and the “pingala.” Where these forces meet and intersect a Chakra is located. The sphere at the top represents the crown. The wings represent Spirit and subsequent liberation. It comes as no surprise that this symbol is used to indicate healing. Keep in mind that from the Sun comes Prana, the masculine counterforce, which enters through the top of the head. At all levels we are experiencing the movement of polarities, which create spirals on the macrocosmic and microcosmic.

Remember back with the advent of Kirlean Photography the photos of the auric fields of people and things. You may recall how a plant leaf was cut in half and then photographed with the kirlean technique. What the photograph revealed was on higher finer levels the leaf was still intact. Only on the physical level was the leaf gone. This is very clear evidence that the finer bodies that surround us energetically carry memory, somewhat independent of what is happening on the physical level. This evidence is critically important to any type of overall healing for a number of reasons.

One of the higher energetic “bodies” that sheath our physical body is the emotional body. There is also a mental body. It is one thing to resolve issues on a mental level. Emotional resolution is another issue. People often have a much easier time knowing the issue that plagues them, yet find it impossible to gain their equilibrium emotionally. The mental body must be utilized to resolve issues within the emotional body. Once again the control of the mind becomes of paramount importance.

The theory is that when we die, the seed atom (referred to as the Monad) contained within the heart Chakra leaves the body, and returns to Source, taking with it all memory, at every level. The overall vibration of our energetic system determines the nature of future incarnations. The mental body is considered a higher vibration body than that of the emotional. Allowing a lower energetic system to regulate a higher one makes little sense, sort of like allowing a 6 year old mentality to control an adult’s decisions, due to stressful emotional imprints. Attention and focus on the emotional body and its subsequent healing must be accomplished by removing oneself from the “forest” of emotions. Imagine yourself in a hot air balloon, rising above the trees. The balloon is your mind, your mental body. Now you can see the forest – you can define it. We have the power, the resource is the mind.

What we carry into the next life is purely energetic, vibration. We take the mental and emotional with us. We are all now making choices about what we will carry with us. Remember the wings at the top of the Cadeucius. The beauty of our destinies is so worth every effort. The promise that awaits us eclipses every temporal need. Rising above the emotional forest provides a different perspective, an objective view. Rise!

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  4. Pam Furno

    Phillip: I enjoyed your article but would like more information on how to heal the emotional side of past
    events please! I GET the different layers but don’t have a hot air balloon to “look down on the trees!”
    Thank you…..

  5. Jaya

    this clearly aligns with the concept of the different bodies mentioned in Hindu Scriptures as – Sthoola shariram- Gross body, Sookshma Shariram – subtle body and Karana shariram- Causal body.

  6. T

    Gina Rose : )
    OMG!!! Did you ever see ‘The Perfect Storm” ?
    That is nothing compared to what happened – lol
    Those storms have nothing on her, I’m pretty sure the NASA satellites are picking up the heat coming off her head – heehee
    I can feel you smiling again
    Fill you in when I call – have a great night…
    Forecast – stormy with an occasional explosion(probably nuclear) heehee hawhaw

  7. T

    Gina Rose….Sent you a thank you on this page but did not attach it to a ‘reply’, oops, however I know you’ll get it 🙂

  8. T

    Hi Gina Rose…
    I wanted to thank you for thinking of me, it is thoughtful and greatly appreciated. Wish you well with the estate business – my sister had to deal with her husbands fathers estate – your right, long and time consuming.
    N’s telling everyone, the whole town knows. Do you think it is unwise to ring her and ask for the ‘article’ back & cut my losses or is this still the greatest hoax of the 21st century – not funny but hilarious!! But I know your smiling : )
    I will call you soon as I ‘can’ – wishing you & your animals the best of everything
    Tatonka says hi – did I tell you her mom was in White Fang – the Disney movie??

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi T,
    Yes…..LOL…..ask her for the ” article ” back ( you & I both know she doesn’t want to part with it )…..but , go ahead and ask her.
    Yes…. N is still worth the hoax.
    How cool….about Tatonka mom being a ” star”…I’ll bet Tatonka is gorgeous.
    Sorry to hear about your sister’s frustration.
    You & Tatonka are in my prayers….hang in there.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  10. Mindy

    I haven’t read with you in a while, but have read every single one of your articles! They are so beautifully and intelligently written.
    I get inspired everytime I read them! I’ll check in with you one day soon!
    Be well! Mindy

  11. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Jasmin,
      Rarely in the 4 decades I’ve been reading do my Guides ever change a prediction ……and all of my Guides agree in harmony when they speak…..sometimes they overlap each other though .
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  12. Jasmin

    Hi Gina Rose,
    How are u??
    I was reading an article about Spirit Guides and their predictions.
    Is it true, that the predictions your Spirit Guides make, they rarely change?
    I know that you have 5 lovely spirit guides, that by the way I totally adore, do all of them predict the same things for your clients? Or is there ever a disagreement between them?
    These might be silly question, sorry!!
    But I’m just so curious…LOL
    sending u and your spirit guides tons of hugs!!!
    PS.: Can’t wait for your predictions to come true!! 🙂 I’ll call you as soon as I hear from him 🙂 xoxo

  13. Josepha

    Dear Psychic Phillip,
    What a beautiful article. There is so much information here to comprehend and to “own”. My non-physical friends tell me also to remember to look from a higher perspective. We can equate here higher with wiser.
    Thank you again, magnificent article.

  14. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Phillip,
    Yet again another brilliant article and very well executed. Many times, during a reading, I glimpse the clients aura…did you know, that besides seeing any physical problems in the aura, you can actually see emotional wounds in the aura???? I call these wounds, when teaching a class, “emotional war wounds”.
    I agree…..working things out mentally doesn’t always mean that one has healed emotionally.
    Blessed Be )O(….Gina Rose ext.9500

  15. crazycancer

    oh, phillip, how i have missed your words of wisdom. they carry me through some of my darkest times. thank you. this is a powerful article…and what i needed to read today. i know that we must have been great friends at one time.


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