Success Story: They Will Get Back Together

Know They Will Return!

Mariaelena from Buffalo has been reading with Fiona ext. 5178 for the last 4 years. She recently called Fiona to talk about her relationship issues with her boyfriend who had just left their relationship. Although they were separated, Mariaelena hoped they would get back together. The keen insight Fiona shared with Mariaelena gave her the patience she needed to ride out her romantic storm. Here’s what Mariaelenea had to say about her great reading with Fiona.

How would you describe your psychic?

Fiona is the best reader on your site. She knew my boyfriend’s name and that he was feeling confused. With the help of her spirit guides, she is always so accurate. Fiona’s voice is so comforting and soothing and it was exactly what I needed to hear when I thought my world was falling down around me. I have read with other psychics before, but I trust what Fiona says. She is very gifted.

What was the reason for your call? Why did you call a psychic? How were you feeling before you called a psychic?

I called because my relationship with my boyfriend had taken a negative turn. Although I was worried, Fiona assured me that his parting was only temporary and that he would be back. She also gave me good insight into his character, so I knew why he was so confused. She advised me to give him a chance and assured me that he loved me. Because she has been so accurate over the years, I knew what she was speaking was the truth!

Was it what you expected? How did you feel after the reading? 

I felt more confident after the reading because I felt like Fiona knew my boyfriend really well—she even knew his nickname without me having to tell her! She even told me about the girl who was wanted him months before he started dating me. She always reassures me that things will work out and they do. She also prays for me and her prayers bring me comfort. I believe in her wisdom and her spiritual gift.

Since your initial reading, how have things turned out? What made the experience a success?

Things are unfolding just as Fiona said they would. My boyfriend is slowly making his way back to me. When I talk to him, I can hear that he misses me and his family in his voice. I know Fiona is correct. With a little patience, this nightmare will be over and our relationship will be better. God bless you, Fiona, and thanks for all of your help.


2 thoughts on “Success Story: They Will Get Back Together

  1. mariaelena

    hi I didn’t know this was on the site. Fiona is the best she is number one on this site. my boyfriend is coming for a vacation and Fiona had told me he needs to see me as he will make the decision to move back home. give her a call she is truly an angel. god bless you Fiona will keep in contact. luv mariaelena xxxooo

  2. Hieak

    I live in Texas before and I have a boyfriend I love him so much he love me too he have 3 kinds but the kind not live whit him and his wife not together anymore. Now I movie to live in California ,how can we go back together?


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