Spooky Sounds in the Walls

Apt2 After a long time of wanting to move, I finally found a new apartment. For years, I have felt unhappy and  “stuck” as if I were living in a hole and I’ve finally found a beautiful place where I am very happy. The energy of my new apartment just feels right — it’s bright, open, airy and happy. I know living here will be good for me and I sense I will be open to lots of opportunities that I was closed off from in my old place. I even consulted a psychic before taking the place and they quickly said “Take it!” after doing the numerology of the new place. They also said I would be able to manifest great things there. It was confirmed and I signed the lease with confidence!

Almost immediately after I moving in, I’ve been hearing a faint knocking sound on the walls. At first, I just thought it was the neighbors but after hearing the same knocking sound in my bedroom (it sounds like it’s coming from inside the walls) at 6 am, I realized I was the only one up in my building! Could this be a visitor from the other side and if so, what do they want?
Did I happen to mention that I live a few blocks from a cemetery…

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  1. Steve

    Julia, Had to check back for new developments – Sounds as if you have been able to get some great advice – Good on You! And after reading some of the more recent posts, it does seem wiser to “check things out” before inviting “Them” to come in, kick their shoes(?) off, and stay a spell (no pun intended there). (After all, we wouldn’t ask just any stranger who knocked on the door to come in, would we?) Glad to hear that you took “ownership” of the situation by asserting yourself – and that seemed to be right in tune with Miss Krytal’s suggestion. So, let YOUR Light shine!!

  2. Psychic - Jesse - x9027

    HI, Julia,
    As someone who has been doing paranormal investigations for more than 30 years, I have seen a lot more cases that had to do with the heating or cooling of buildings making things go “bump” in the night than I have real paranormal activties. (Although I have had some real hair raising ones as you can read in some of my other posts 😉
    The fact that it happens at 6 a.m. is really interesting because that is the time when the daytime barometers are going to show atmospheric shifts…it’s just the cooling of the night giving way to the warmer day.
    My advice is to first check with your weather info online and find out precisely when the combination of temperature and barometric pressures are changing. Most often, when such a change is occuring, a weak spot in the walls or ceiling f a building will “pop” or “knock” as the material responds to the pressure change.
    If absolutely nothing is happening within and hour or so of that time every day or if it continues at that exact time throughout the changing of seasons, THEN you may have something to really investigate.
    In the meantime, good luck and get some rest! 😉
    Many Blessings,
    Jesse 9027

  3. amber

    dont worry dear could just be your guides letting you know your in the right place or some one from the grave yard looking for help-dont let them get the upper hand say the lords prayer if you find your self feeling attacked as in your dream be firm -strong -sage often- state your intentions for no activities and suggest going to the light – champhor bricks can be found in the ethnic section of most pharmacys melt down with olive oil and make cross marks on the walls and above windows and doorways can be small if you start to feel scared again- could just be your guides messing with you they like to scare you sometimes to see what youll do- play classical music buy plants and pictures of angels maybe the space just needs to be filled with your own calm loving energy -you could have cleared it so well before you moved in you allowed other energies to come- buy things you love and set your place up with safe loving energies good luck if a nasty say lords prayer whenever you feel threatened with sincerity and strenght and get the camphor out call on your guides for protection

  4. Julia

    Thank you, Miss Krystal! You are right and I’m going to take your advice *if* the spooky activities return! Fingers crossed that they don’t!

  5. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Actually, there is nothing to fear. What has worked for me, is to confront them and give them the rundown. First, I say, no different than if they were knocking at my front door, “Who is it?”
    Then, I say, “Only good spirits are allowed in this house, and only spirits who want good things for me and my loved ones, if you do not have the white light and do not support the eternal world, you must get out of here this instant and never are you are ever welcome to come here again, I demand you to leave my house right now, and only spirts who want good and happy things for me are welcome here!”
    –It’s worked everytime! Never failed me. A very famous, English paranormal psychologist taught me this twenty years. Remember, you are in control of your house, not them! I suggest trying this. Again, it has never failed me. However, it will encourage to keep your guides and angels around
    aint nothing wrong with that!
    Miss Krystal

  6. Helper

    You are right to be concerned and this should not be “cool” or exciting! Nothing should be in your house or presence unless you want it or have “asked” for it! What time at night does this happen, what time do you wake up or notice things? The knocking is it in one room? The smoke detectors – how many times did they go off(I’ve had someone close to me have similar experiences with the smoke detectors – and they were all hardwired together!)? Anything personal being moved? Does the sheets of the bed being moved? I realize these are alot of questions, however I have dealt with this in the past. I pray this is just a harmless entity but if the occurrences continue or become more apparent you need to deal with it immediately. Start taking notes on what is happening and time and what you feel. In the meantime pickup some sage & cedar(they should be intertwined), the sage is good to clear previous and negative energy and the cedar is good to clear entities. Burn the stick and say a prayer and your intentions – feel it and mean it when you say it! I’ll check in periodically to see how it is going, hopefully that will help…. good luck!!

  7. Julia

    Thanks, Marie! But I don’t want to help any wayward soul cross over… eek, scary! I saged my place twice before moving in too. I’d love to hear about your experiences near the cemetery!

  8. Marie-T

    Wow! That is so cool Julia but I too would be a little scared. I know that cemetery pretty well and I always had experiences when I was at my friend’s place near there. I would do some research on the cemetery too…now I’m curious, how old is it? Also ask the landlord if the previous tenant had mentioned anything? I do agree with Steve that it sounds like a friendly harmless spirit. Sounds like someone who is stuck, hence the knocking in the walls. They are definitely trying to get your attention so I would pay some attention to them. Maybe they just need a little nudge to move on. Maybe one of our psychics can help you lead them out and to where they want to go next. Also try some sage, it never hurts and smells good!

  9. Julia

    Thanks for your suggestions, Steve! I never thought to ask what “they” want or to thank them and you gave me something to think about. I was actually a bit spooked and after last night’s activity, I’m even more freaked out!
    Last night, as I was about to get in bed, my smoke detector in my room started going off. Only in my room, not the hallway, not the kitchen. Mind you, I did not cook anything or light any candles or do anything that would set it off. It scared me a bit since it’s so loud and I went to get a chair to turn if off when the sound stopped. About a minute later, it went off again but only once this time. Now I was really scared, so I got in bed and decided to read my book so I can get my mind off of what was happening. The detector went off once again and again, only once. By now, I was real spooked and tried to go to sleep. In the middle of the night, I woke up and noticed it was light in my apartment and realized the light in the kitchen was turned on (I know for a fact that I turned off all the lights before going to bed). I then had a scary dream where I was half awake and half asleep and all the lights in my room were turned on. I tried to scream but nothing would come out of my mouth. I then kept trying and forced some words to come out but the voice was not mine. It was a strange, deep voice but I know I said it. I can’t remember what I said but I immediately woke myself up.
    Before leaving for work this morning, I said aloud in an assertive tone, “I want this to stop” and left for the day. I hope tonight things will be calm!

  10. Steve

    Julia — First, how cool…secondly, it sounds as if this “presence” is polite – it is knocking (softly, too!), not throwing lamps across the room. Have you welcomed them, and asked them (perhaps aloud) what “they” want? Since you have an affinity with the energy in the room, I should think that this “knocker”, perhaps being a part of that energy, would be compatible. I would suggest expressing a “Thanks” for the swell pad, and then see if there is some kind of answer in one form or another. I would be tempted to, as was suggested to me by a psychic, place a glass of water – a glass used only for “them” – and see if they help themselves to it. Hope that you will keep us updated.


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