Spiritual Insights: Is He Your Soulmate?

Maria from Athens says:

It was revealed to me last year during a Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) session that the man I was romantically interested in (still am, very much so, even if I have lost contact with him for the last 6 or 7 months) had shared quite a few incarnations with me. We had common lives always as blood relatives.

Is there a chance? Might it be that in this life we are meant to have a love affair and be romantically involved? Or, not? If not, why have I met him as a total stranger?

Dear Maria,

Based on my reading of your energy, and on the astrological information which you provided, it appears you’ve chosen a very interesting and complex path this lifetime.

While you have much of your being focused in a completely new evolutionary stage, you also have much of it involved with clearing karma and completing tasks and soul agreements from past lives.

This situation relates directly to your question about your romantic interest, because he, like you, is in a transitional period. Not only that, but your mutual soul evolution has deliberately placed you in a situation where it’s not clear to either of you how you’re supposed to relate to each other. At the moment, your past lives as blood relatives are affecting his choices most strongly, while a vision of a future evolutionary path is more powerfully influencing you.

Part of your joint task this time is to decide, separately and together, if possible with soul-level consciousness, which it will be this lifetime. Follow this link to learn a meditation which will help you work this out on a soul level. Although the article is about separation, the meditation will also be extremely helpful in your present situation.

My sense is that this will not resolve quickly or easily. However, if you start now by using the meditation to engage your souls directly in the process, it will help keep pain and drama to a minimum, and will greatly facilitate your growth in other areas as well.

Also, your guides have informed me (with many chuckles) that you’re actually very good at getting their messages… what you’re not so good at, yet, is taking their advice.

However, the powerful astrological influences happening in your chart now and in the near future make it an excellent time to polish and refine your spiritual and psychic skills. Because most of the influences are supportive, it can be tempting to loaf, but you’ll achieve a lot if you go for it!

And thanks for asking a question which concerns so many people.

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5 thoughts on “Spiritual Insights: Is He Your Soulmate?

  1. Chrissi Matusevics

    though there is a connection between the man I married and me in at least 4 past lives too, we’ve worked together in at least one past life, and been lovers too, , so at least there is a connection, but that is one I am working out as I am linking my past lives back to my personality so that I can find myself, as for too many years after splitting with my soulmate I have tried to be everyones perfect little cut-out-dolly being things they wanted me to be instead of me, and when my husband told me to just be natural me I didn’t know what to do, and at my age 53, it’s not going to be easy, as I’ve already been working on it over 23 years

  2. Chrissi Matusevics

    I know of that feeling, Rose, I met the man I believe to be my soulmate when I was 16, too young to know or appreciate what I had been given, we stayed together off and on for years, we’d split, usually because of someting I had done, then be apart for a bit then back together for years, then his parents sent his brother to India, and married a girl for him by proxy, and brought her back so he had to take responsibility for her He told me that she was so scared of life here too, I don’t know why , but he would have to help her adjust, even then we kept coming together, even if it was just for a ride in his car or works van, he moved away first to Scotland, then to Birmingham, so we then couldn’t meet, but came down to Camber Sands, and his friend wanted me to go to see him, but I’d married by then and had a son of my own, as I’d given up on hoping to be with him in this life,( and spent much time trying to find someone as like him as possible) and at that time my marriage had also been going through a bad patch, so I was too afraid to go then about a year ago I heard he’d died after a three week battle with liver failure, I felt so bad, as if it was my fault,and realised my feelings for him never changed, that I still loved him, and now, I feel so alone, although the man I am married to loves me, and to make me feel even worse, one of his friends told me he’d never stopped loving me either, so if I had gone, and maybe would have talked, but then I would have been so selfish, I had my son to consider, and I did not know how fate would treat my husband later on either, he got cancer and got close to losing a leg five years ago, and he had a hard enough time coping with me as a crutch, to take out his pain on, if he’d had nobody what then ?, and now my son is at uni so maybe without me he may not have managed to do that as I don’t think my mother in law with who we live would’ve let me take him, so there’s my story I look forward to the time we meet again, and hope I won’t be such a stupid idiot next time

  3. carolyn

    I met my soulmate nearly 2 years ago now. We are not together now due to his friends who sabotaged our relationship. I feel the pain and miss that I do not have him in my life at the present time. But I believe that at some point we will be reunited because soulmates will always be attracted to each other – no matter what. So I have to be patient and try to deal with the daily pain which is sometimes very difficult until the time is right and we are reunited.

  4. tara

    Is He Your Soulmate?? Is an interesting article….I am glad to have read this, as I can related to it…I have meet this man….It was like love in first sight when we first meet four years ago…is an instant attraction….every time our eyes meet…he strike my heart….I felt this strong deep connection to this man….I know that he felted too and I am sure of it…..every time he call out my name his voice goes thru my body and bone….is like I heard and recognized his voice before…..I can NOT be near to him as I felt such strong chemistry between two of us….and because of our present situation both of us has family of our own and with kids….our deep love for each other and strong bond that we have and currently have can NOT be persue or grow, as I have my strong religion believed….I wrote a lot of love poems to released my pain in my heart….some I shared with him….it hurt soo much NOT able to be close to him….knowing he belong to some else and I belong to some else ….my heart will always with him….I rather be me who suffer than some one else suffer….who can I hurt any soul…may be this life we’re Not meant for each other …but to help other souls.

    I believed this man is my soulmate because I meditates a lot due to my religion practice …it lead to something amazing…something out of this world….no one can never explain this KARMA….I am sure he is my soulmate and we been reincarnate few past life 2 to be exact because I have dreams….I believed our first past life together we are Brother and Sister….the Second we are husband and wife got married….but some thing happend to me….I currently have black-out every time I get near him….there has been an incident where I fail and landed on him where my hand grab his arm due to my shoe problem..happend 2 years ago….I have total black-out and don’t remember how long it was….don’t remember a thing…..woked up my hand touching his arm….I apologized and went my mary way….we both never talked about it after…..I decided to keep our distance as it is too painful for me to be near him….my community work has ended where we will see each other less…that’s how we both meet 4 year ago….as I said ” I rather be me being the one who get hurt and some one else”….I can NOT hurt any soul…..so afraid his wife will find out….I strongly believed if we are the two love souls supposely to be together and forever…I pray that “God make every so beautifuly that day will be joyful” for this life or next life….my heart will always be with him.

  5. Rose

    I have been seeing this man for almost 2 years now, I believe that he is my soulmate. Everytime we get together though he experiences pains in his body, it started out as a sharp stabbing pain going through his chest area and now it has gotten so much worst now that I am afraid to be around him in the fear of hurting him, he pulls away when he gets those pains and then we always end up seeing each other. It’s nice, relaxing, just beautiful but then those pains again and it’s back to the start.
    After we’ve spent a long time together he is unable to concentrate for hours after and sometimes days. He is self employed so that isn’t a good thing especially when you need you mind to work.
    When he holds me, touches me, kisses me, it’s amazing. He looks me in my eyes and his eyes peer through me, as if he can see me, see my soul.
    We have had past lives, I saw him in 3 lives, we loved eachother deeply but in 2 lives we lost eachother by tragic death and in 1 by circumstances. In 2 he was also a priest of some kind.
    When he did his past life however, he was unable to see anything and he got really sick for about a week after.
    I have never loved another man the way I love him, it’s unconditional, I am always drawn back to him. I can bear my soul to this man and he to I and yet I love him… the good, the bad and everything in between.
    I don’t know what is causing this pain…maybe it’s soul agreement, maybe karma, maybe past lives, I am so lost, I want to make his pain go away so badly, I sometimes feel like walking away but something inside always says no, don’t, there is a way…


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