Psychic Jesse: Silence Your Negative Thoughts for a Happy Life

Your Negative Thoughts are Getting in the Way

How do you handle your unhappiness? Do you cry about it for a little bit and then move on? Do you let it consume you? Do you buy things to make yourself feel better? Do you eat junk food until you feel sick in order to cope? Well, what if I told you that none of these actions actually make you feel better? Sure, a candy bar tastes great and getting a new watch feels exciting, but those feelings don’t last. However, there is something you can do every day to make yourself feel better—and it’s something that lasts. You need to learn to control your negative thoughts!

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The Power of Your Own Thoughts

What you say to and about yourself matters. It’s your truth, whether the things you say are negative or positive. If you tell yourself you’re smart, your spirit will believe it. But, if you tell yourself you’re ugly, you’re spirit will believe it too. The thoughts you have, whether negative or positive, are based on how you choose to look at yourself.

You Program Your Being

Your thoughts program your being. You can make yourself feel unworthy and inadequate, or you can make yourself feel worthy and capable. You can program yourself to accept fear and all things negative as your personal truths, or you can program yourself to be brave, embrace the unknown and be happy.

Negative Thoughts, Unhappy Life

Let’s say I gave you $500. You can go out and spend it on what you want, or you can spend it on something you don’t want. If you spend it on something you want, it will make you happy. But, if you spend it on something you don’t want, you can’t complain that it makes you miserable when you bring it home. You didn’t want it in the first place!

The same can be said for positive and negative thoughts. If you have 500 positive thoughts, you’ll be happier than if you had 500 negative thoughts. And if all your have are negative thoughts, you can’t be surprised that you don’t lead a happy life!

Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

Your spirit has been listening to what you’ve been saying to yourself, throughout the day, every day. It locks on to your thoughts, whether they’re negative or positive. But life is not meant to be the struggle that so many of us endure. It is powerful, divine and filled with endless possibilities. If you get rid of your negative thoughts, you can change everything!

Change what you say. If you are not happy with your weight, instead of saying “I really need to lose 20 pounds,” focus on what you like about yourself instead. Tell yourself how beautiful your eyes are or how great your favorite jeans make you feel. It’s that simple and it really works!

I’m here to help you think positively. If you call me, we can get rid of your negative thoughts together!

23 thoughts on “Psychic Jesse: Silence Your Negative Thoughts for a Happy Life

  1. Jesse 9027

    The challenges in life will always be with us. It is what we struggle against that brings about the best of our gifts. How we LOOK at those struggles and how we embrace them is what makes the difference. A struggle does not have to be a point of sorrow.

    When a butterfly emerges from a cocoon, it does through through the tiniest hole you can imagine. It struggles against that opening to be free and it pushes and pushes until it is finally free to fly and begin an amazing journey. However, if anything were to interfere with that struggle and open that hole enough to let the butterfly easily enter the world, the blood would have never reached the butterfly’s wings and it would be unable to fly. It would be earthbound and would die far too early. The world would be denied its beauty and it would never see how big the world really can be.

    So…next time the struggle seems to be too much, remember the butterfly. What is on the other side of that struggle is amazing! And while you are in the midst of that struggle, remember what you are fighting for and appreciate the fact that you are moving toward an amazing new phase of life!

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments!

  2. Theresa

    This is true, what you dwell on takes root. You have to try to make yourself happy regardless of what is happening all around you.

  3. Tiffany Lucas

    I keep getting threats in my earpiece, and bribed against things I am trying to accomplish. I can’t wait to get proof of it.

  4. misskrystalmisskrystal

    I agree, so true. Thanks, Jesse, another great article. I enjoy reading your posts so much. 🙂
    Have a great week. Cheers, Miss Krystal

  5. alice

    well I believe that’s true n I will see if it works for me, it makes sense,n I’m willin to try anything at this point, I’m vary neg thinkin , I do think all the time, n nothigs good. I will take ur advise thanks Alice.

  6. Michele

    The article “Silence your negative thoughts for a happy life” is a fabulous article, and right on target for the most part. I disagree with the avoidance approach regarding issues such as being overweight, routinely being late, etc. In those cases I believe goals need to be set, and you can tell yourself positive things that you’re working toward…and see yourself reaching your goals. And in these cases, forgiving yourself for mishaps and moving on.

  7. Marc from the UK

    NEGATIVE THOUGHTS ! What a great article . I am 50 in a few days and to be honest I have never felt my age however, this one troubled me. I was thinking what have I got to show for my milestone? Where is my Rolls Royce, my Mansion, my big ban account, and then somebody spelt it out for e. Marc, you have made it to 50, that alone is a huge achievement, when you consider what life has thrown at you, your achievements have been to actually get to 50 !!

    See positive thoughts are real !!!!

  8. Sandy

    Good article! I hope people will grab on and run with it. We truly do set ourselves up for the life we “think” we deserve.

  9. maxine jennings

    Thanks I just realized you are wright all my life I have never thought I was pretty yet all men thinks so and have all ways dated younger men always ending up saying I know I am not deserving got my pic out an d looked and guess what I am a darn good looking woman things are going to change
    thanks to you

  10. joseph

    i will be call ing when i have the money i am on disabilty and just had to pay 1700 to move into new place

  11. wanda

    This is one of the best articles ever. As a clinical hypnotherapist I help clients with this exact situation, our own negative thoughts and words to ourselves, about ourselves.
    Yes, it can be so simple. I leave myself ‘good words’ on my own mirrors in dry erase marker. My spirit does soak up the positive, helping me through my day and my life.
    Thank you for this good message. We can empower our spirit and change for the better.

  12. Emma

    I agree. I’m usually the type 2 b positive n if if I’m forced in2 a corner, I make it my decision. But a few bad things happened n I became negative about myself n my life. Now bad things keep happening! I wondered if my negative energy was making it all go wrong. Today’s blog confirms this. I will try and b the new old me and b more positive, n maybe happiness will come back in2 my life again. Thank u. X




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