Share Your Best California Psychics Reading and Win a Free 10 Min Call!

Share Your Most Inspiring California Psychics Reading, Enter to Win a 10-Minute Call

Here’s an open question to our readers: What’s the best, most inspiring or otherwise life-changing California Psychics reading you’ve had? Did you have one that redirected your course, warned you in advance of danger, or brought something incredible into your life?

We encourage your open commentary on the blog—we’re looking forward to your feedback, and a lively discussion with both readers and psychics!

One lucky winner who posts the most inspiring story will receive a free 10-minute reading—now’s your chance!*

The contest is also only going to run for two days, so it’s going to be a frantic, fun experience—get ready to compete in real time to see who can come up with the most incredible experience, with psychics participating and assisting. The contest will end October 1 at 5 p.m PST… on your marks!

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153 thoughts on “Share Your Best California Psychics Reading and Win a Free 10 Min Call!

  1. Tracy Pounds

    I had a reading a few years ago with California Psychics. at the time I was dating someone and was wondering where the relationship was going. Pondering thoughts about marriage etc. I had a reading and my advisor told me that the relationship I was involved with at the time was not headed for the long term commitment. She told me that she saw another man who was better suited for me within a year. She was correct. About a year later I met my partner, who is now my husband. She gave me that encouragement I needed to let go of a relationship that was not in my highest best interest and move forward . I feel blessed to have had the insight needed for that time during my life.

  2. Nelly

    Earlier last year i had readings with different Psychics regarding one issue, i even had readings in an hour with 2 to 3 psychics, and there’s this particular Psychic that kept on telling me things that will happen (negative/positive, more of negative though) both in the far and near feature, i obviously disagreed with her!, at a time i got upset and stoped reading with her…..; while i continued reading with the one that tells me what i needed to hear..:

    But for the fact that i put every of my reading down on paper, i was able to see which of the readings where in-line with what has been unfolding, honestly i come to realise that she’s the most accurate among all, now she’s the only one i read with (funny, no? smiling, that’s life for you, sometime we don’t value what we have till we try something else), today she’s my favorite!.

    For me a good reading isn’t all about FANTASY, but about REALISM, be it good or bad. A Psychic who sees what will really happen inspite of it being positive or negative, to me that’s the real deal, am saying this because it will help the fellow to be strong, rather than saying all will be perfect and it becomes a nightmare; that’s my opinion though.

  3. Kevin beckham

    I have been reading with CA now since last spring, There is one woman who really helped me to not end up so hurt, although several psychics claimed the woman I have been with would be the one and I was compatible with, My favorite psychic here at CA warned me up front that she was not the one and there was to be someone else….
    Last night my girl who claimed she was in love with me, admitted she has been falling in and out of feelings for me….I was told I would hurt this person as well, she was very hurt for her inability to understand what was wrong with herself and that she should be crazy in love with me for who I am and did not understand why she was hurting me.
    I wont live in this situation and with the knowledge was able to pull away to give her space even though she did not want to…

  4. Zorana McDermott

    I have had a most liberating and helpful reading with Yvonne Spellcaster. She has not only been able to clear the situation for me but also to relieve an enormous amount of pain I was in for over 2 months…..Her ritual has worked in an unbelievable way and so quickly, and as a result I am in control over my emotions again and I feel nothing towards my ex boyfriend, which was just what I needed. I feel no more pain, no regret, no longing, just happiness and abundance. I have no words to express my gratitude towards her.

  5. Lisa

    I have some unknown presents in my home that been trying to get at me since early 2000. I believe that they are witches that was holding me down in my bed and was sitting on my back and it was for all together when I was sleeping and couldn’t move and I felt this heavy pendant on the top base of my head and I was in pain, I began to say my prays to GOD in my mine and I felt my guarden angels coming in my room and I felt the present of Jesus in the room and then left and try 4 attemps to do it again and wasn’t successful. When I woke up I felt the pain from that pendant on top of my head. Now its 2011 9/26 they are back to try again and prayed to GOD and they left. I felt someone slowly removing the sheets off me and I grab them again I prayed. Tell me please what is going on and why is this happening to me.

  6. Stacy Peterson

    I have been reading your daily horoscope for Aries, for about two years now, and have found it to be very insightful. I would love to have a free 10 minute reading.

  7. Sylvia Schmitz

    I had a few good readings and find that most psychics have a good insight. But one reading in particular is standing out to me. When I called in with jet again multiple concerns (I never seem to have one at a time), I was referred to DeeJay and for the first time I hardly had to mention my concerns – she told ME what my concerns were AND what was ahead of me regarding them.
    I hung up blessed and comforted. Thank you DeeJay and those I have consulted since.


    Most inspiring conversation was not the most favorable, but sometimes you need to hear what you don’t want to hear. I can not remember the talented psychic but I do remember her words….
    At the time of my call I had recently separated from my husband. I was seeking a divorce and was hoping for a quick settement financially and personally so I could move forward with a life with my children. The psychic told me that I would not be divorced for quite sometime and that my husband was already involved in another relationship.
    She told me that I would go to court and I would win.
    Fast forward 2011, I am still not divorced but I did go to court and I did win. I finally was able to come to a financial settlement with my husband. The personal settlement came because I finally had heard the truth about his involvement with another women. I later came across a text message that confirm that he was in another relationship. Although I did not want to hear it, I needed to hear it so I could heal and ultimately live a more enriched life with my two wonderful children!

  9. kristina

    The best experience I’ve had was my very first reading with California Psychics. It was with Meredith. I was at rock bottom in my life. My parents were going through a divorce that came out of the blue to me. The love of my life had just broken up with me and I was supposed to move with him to a brand new city and start my life after college with him. Instead the breakup left me with no place to live, no job, and biggest for me not having him anymore. I was devastated on every level. I remember thinking what could it hurt to call? It was one of the best decisions I made! Meredith was kind and yet had a humor that was much appreciated in my dark time. She told me I would be ok and that we would be together again down the road. It gave me the confidence I needed to go out and live my life again! I was no longer wasting my days crying endlessly. I remember her saying, “Exhale. Breathe and put a smile on that beautiful face.” She was so calming and so reassuring at the darkest hour in my life. I won’t ever forget it! I have since come to trust many of the psychics here and always recommend them to my friends!

  10. Janelle Boehrer

    I really need some insights and I just lost my job yesterday… I free 10 minute reading would be so wonderful. Thank you.

  11. jill

    About six years ago I had give up on love. I was envolved with this guy who wanted no commitment and I needed more but felt so helpless so i called a psychic. They told me that this was not the guy for me that my guy would come when I least expected it, that it would be late spring or early fall, that he would be connected to my work, and that it would have something to do with wood. They didn’t know whether it would be an addition I would have put on my home or what but wood would be involved. They said he would be taller than me and younger than(which was something I didn’t go for). Honestly I payed no attention because I knew I would never hook up with a younger guy. The relationship I was in ended and I stopped looking. I decided I didn’t need a man. Then around late summer a guy moved in with a friend of mine,but I never gave it any thought he was quiet, shy and young. All three where not my type. As time went on I really had no dealings with him other than just a casual hello. In early August his job(at a lumber yard) shut down and he became even more with drawn our friend started dragging him out with him more and one week end they wound up at my house. Until this day I can’t tell you how it happened we just had a connection. With in a few weeks I had fell head over hills after we got to know each other better I realized that he was a first cousin to the guy I worked with it was so obvious the resemblance was unbelievable. We was married almost a year later and everything is wonderful. You have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to talk to that pychic and say “Yeah you were so right and you never missed one detail.” So if you read this and it rings a bell Thank You so much you made me a believer.

  12. Michelle

    Last time I called was probably about 2 years ago when I was torn between 2 men. I was told what I didn’t want to hear so didn’t follow the advice assuming it wasn’t real anyway. I went with the one guy and he turned out to not be the one and if I had listened maybe I would have avoided heartbreak and betrayal.

  13. stephanie sosa

    I have had many different readers over the years from California Psychics. The most accurate reading came over 4 years ago from Tammy.

    I was unemployed, my son almost died from diabetic shock and I decided to try someone new that was available. The minute I heard her voice I knew I have made the right choice for my reading. Tammy was incredibly specific about my situation and told me my son would be healed from this disease. She gave me hope about changing careers which indeed happened . She acutally gave me a predictive blueprint of what I was in store for. Everything came out just the way she predicted and she told me to rely on my faith and that I was also very psychic which I am. I virtually gave her no information what was going on and let her guide me. That reading was inspiring for me because of my dire situtation.

    Stephanie Sosa

  14. Sean

    Hi, I’m looking for a reading to give me some scope about the future, present and past… I have had an on off relationship with my mothers child for over four years and we have split up again… the last time we split up i was diagnosed with clinical depression.
    I recently consulted a physchic who told me there is a possibility that someone could have cast a spell on me or some negative evil entity is trying to destroy my relationships…? Lately I have been having dreams which concern me being persued by a dragon godzilla type being but I always contain it in a building and it cant get me then I try to either burn it or destroy it. These dreams vary but keep reoccuring regulary. A long time ago in germany i met a white witch who showed me how to see peoples auras, past lives and energy fields. What i seen was remarkable and very vivd. After seeing the ready brek glow(aura/halo) and the face taking on different forms then the blobs of colour every material object disappeared.. Wall’s, floor and furniture etc all dissapated and it was if myself, the white witch and the subject who’s aura we were looking at were all floating in infinite darkness/space… The witch was asking me what is was seeing and experiencing through out this and when I said we were floating in infinite darkness she said “ok we have to stop now”She told me that none of her subjects/pupils have ever experienced so much so soon or seen the eternal darkness…?? The next morning she went out and bought me a topaz pendulum and showed me various different things… She also told me how to protect myself and manifest my energy. Very soon after this I was going to bed one night and I could see this green misty kind of smoke coming into my room from an arch at the end of the room but I paid no attention to it. Why I didnt I dont know??? Cause as soon as I put my book down and turned off the light it felt as if someone sat a straddle my chest and was bouncing up and down upon me. Well I immediately pushed it off me, sat up for a second then got up out of bed, lit a candle and questioned it. What did it want from me and how can I help it. Whatever it was? It would not come into the light to communicate… It never bothered me again after that.

    So as you can understand, I’m seeking some help and insight into this…
    Am I being pursued by an evil entity trying to destroy my relationships or have I been “cursed”….

    Kindest regards


  15. camille macarthur

    I had not yet had the experience of talking to a psychic, but I would love to. I am a single parent, recently lost my job, I have one son away in college, one a senior in high school and I have 2 sons in the Marines. I have some questions that I need answered and need some guidance.

  16. rasheedah

    so i called for the 1st time last week and didnt give much info to my reader ariett she was truly amazing and a gifted reader she spoke of things only me and god knew of my life has truly been changed and never again will i be the same i love you ariett you were truly amazing and so current with all your feedback thanx you guys for this service truly blessed from my experience not to mention i was a unbeliever in the readers abilitys. forever grateful.

  17. Kiyuna

    I need some one to talk to every time I see free min it dont be free and the person you talk to never answer yo questions they just charge I have been told a lot of things I need to know how to win over $70,000 I need money money now for my kids & myself ASAP I have to see it to believe it now days as much hell came our way

  18. Sandee Lynn Peters Vesper

    Hello im Sandee, I believe we all go through different stages through out our lives . Im 41 yrs old and im aware of my situation but i cant seem to get out and change anything for myself i need help .I feel so desperate at times almost to the point of not wanting to go on anymore thats why im here right now

  19. Ann

    I know this isn’t very inspiring, but the whole “California Psychics” experience is life changing … for me it is a gradual thing, including many inspiring articles … the whole experience is a gradual, life changing experience … in a totally enjoyable way ! thanks CP !

  20. Rosetta

    My life is changing and spiraling at a rapid pace, I don’t know from day to day what tomorrow brings, I feel like my life is on autopilot and I’m living outside my body, I’m almost afraid to sleep not knowing what to expect tomorrow, I know I’m on the path of life, but walking in the dark is scary, I’m married and have a family, I have a good relationship with them but I feel alone, I don’t know what to do.

  21. Marlene

    Summer is the best, always puts me at ease, and her readings are right on. Last year I was going through a rough time with my house. She told me it would all work out and it has. She told me when I would be receiving extra cash, and between what dates, and it arrived just as she said.

  22. Scott Dugan

    two months ago in the heat of the moment I broke up with the love of my life. i was a jerk and I let my emotions get the best of me. At the same time it was discovered that her mom was sick. I have reached out to her several times in an effort to say i’m sorry, to repait our relationship and to tell her I want a future with her 0 i got no response from her. I called in several times and every time I was told to be patient and give it a few weeks that she will come back to me sooner rather than later……i’ll kepp you posted on the outcome

  23. Sarah

    I have so much going on right now.There’s so many things to get done, no money, realtionship problems, I’m losing my mind. I don’t know what to do.

  24. Chrissi Matusevics

    well, it’s the strangest thing, or maybe not, but whenever I’ve had a problem, something I needed a second opinion on, or even thought of getting a reading on to make sense of it, the answer seems to be in the next newsletter I read, or at least nearly all the information I needed to actually see my way through it, or to make sense of the part that I couldn’t understand, and with your facebook readings, really come through with answers as well as advice, that when taken have brought my own talents and empathy into play as well and hopefully I am becoming a better and stronger person because of this
    Love and Light
    Blesses Be )O(

  25. preet

    I spoke to Christian on the 28/9/11 he was absolutely amazing he connected straight to my inner most thoughts i did not have to tell him anything other then my name the reading was uplifting and inspirational and to the heart of the matter i look forward to getting another reading from him again.

  26. medgine roy

    I’ve had so many great readings that it will be unfair to name some and not the others. But I recently spoke to Esmeralda, she was great, on point and very compassionate.

  27. van sasaki

    my name van and i m hearing impaired and cant hear the phone and also dont have any telephone due cant hear at all… i m intersing this but how we communicate .. but only e-mail would be helpful……

    thank you,
    van sasaki

  28. Mina

    Last year I contacted california psychics regarding my relationship at the time.
    I spoke with Tatiana and she became my favorite reader ever! She was so spot on with my situation, and read the man I was involved with perfectly. All of her predictions came true. She told me he would come back to me on New Year day and he did, we spent time together. She told me what he was going through and it was all correct.
    We were on and off all the time and she eventually told me it will be me who decides weather I want to be with him or not once he is back and she was sure he was going to come back permanently towards the summer time. But she also said there will be another man for me. And yes there was a new guy and my ex also came back but I decided not to be with him and moved on with my life…She helped me out so much and every time she was right! I really wish to speak with her again soon!

  29. bindu

    I had a reading with Lourdes a year back.
    all i know is what she said has exactly happened ….i didn’t belive her at first…but when things started happening the way …the right order she predicted…
    I’m amazed…..
    And I’m going to have my next reading with her soon.
    a year is a very long time….if she could tell me one year back, what ‘s going to happen in that time period…thats..truely Psychic…

    Thank you Lourdes…with your gift…you are collecting loads of good karma by helping people…

  30. Kris

    I remember having a reading with Gina Rose and her talking about my deceased Grandmother. She described her to a tee with her blonde hair and her dancing around!! It gave me confirmation that she was around me. Gina Rose is an awesome psychic!!


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