Saturn-Pluto Faceoff

There’s a critical influence headed our way that has the power to change our lives. Between now and February 2010, and again in August 2010, the faceoff between Saturn and Pluto will rattle your comfort zone if you’ve been choosing security and stagnation over emotional and spiritual growth.

Comfort zone overhaul
In a nutshell, here’s what’s going on . . . Saturn is the foundation on which we stand in the material world. It’s the economic and political systems we rely on in our daily lives. Saturn is also the planet of karma and responsibility. Conversely, Pluto is the destroyer that brings about rebirth. It’s Pluto’s job to demolish outmoded ways of doing things so we can begin anew and live our highest destiny. You can view Pluto as a devil or a sword-wielding angel depending on how you feel about change.

From terror to transformation
So now these two superpowers are battling it out in a square (90-degree) aspect, which is creating a powder keg of energy that’s sure to shake things up. The last time Saturn and Pluto collided was during an opposition (180-degree) aspect in the summer of 2001. The terrorist attacks of the time plunged the world into social and economic upheaval, which led to far-reaching reforms. Rooting out evil behavior is Pluto’s job, too.

Out with the old . . .
Currently, on a global level, we’ve already seen a glimpse of the Saturn-Pluto square in the decimation of financial markets and once-powerful corporations. You can also see the struggle between Saturn (status quo) and Pluto (reform) in the transformation of the U.S. health-care system. And we’re just in the beginning stages of this powerful influence!

As if this weren’t enough . . .
Uranus ups the ante of change when it transits into Aries in May 2010, forming a cardinal T-cross with Saturn and Pluto over the summer, and beyond. The last time these three titans clashed was in the mid-’60s, when social and racial upheaval launched a paradigm shift in how we relate to each other. Obviously, it’s time for a new level of enlightenment through the destruction of barriers that keep us from progressing.

What this means for you
You’ll feel this influence immediately – in some fashion – if you have cardinal planets or other key placements in your chart in an early degree of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Depending on where these points are located in your chart will determine how you’ll be affected – and how strongly.

Most important, it’s time to do some soul searching about attitudes, patterns and people that are part of your life but are holding you back from growing. It’s usually best to deal with astrological influences from the inside out, especially if you have a head’s up about what’s coming. So go inside and ask yourself where you feel stuck. Are you staying in a relationship that’s not supporting your dreams and goals? Are you on autopilot in a dead-end job? Are you slogging your way through financial quicksand? All of these outer struggles stem from inner emotional patterns that keep you from progressing.

What’s more, any resistance you have to making needed changes is your Saturn talking. It’s the part of you that craves the security of knowing where you stand, as opposed to exploring new – and potentially unsuccessful – avenues. Strive to work with the heightened Pluto energy, which has a profound psychological component, by examining, working through and eliminating negative patterns. Taking time for introspection, meditation, therapy – whatever works for you – will help you to deal with whatever comes up during the Saturn-Pluto square.

If some area of your life starts to mirror the Saturn-Pluto battle – that is, if this influence starts kicking your derriËre – be still, take a breath and try to see what part of your life needs to change. After all (although this sounds trite), everything does indeed happen for a reason. And here’s something to keep in mind: You may not be in control of what’s happening, but you do have control over how you react to the people and situations surrounding the challenge. And remember, any challenges that arise are meant to help you get in touch with your soul’s destiny.

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