Same Sign Love Connections

So you’ve fallen for someone who shares your Sun sign. You have aheart-pounding, mind-blowing, soul-shattering connection – inside andoutside of the bedroom. It seems you’ve known each other forever, andyou have some amazing things in common. That’s not surprising, since you have a similar destiny – as determined by your Sun sign. It’s perfect, right? Or maybe it’s too good to be true.

There are some specific benefits and challenges to hooking up with a same-sign lover. Mainly, for good or bad, they are your mirror. That is, you can see yourself in their likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, talents and foibles. Of course, seeing your good side shining through the other person is the ultimate validation. And it can inspire you to use your strengths. However, it’s also an ego rush, and being with someone because it stokes your ego doesn’t always indicate true love.

And what about the bad stuff you see reflected in that mirror? Are you centered enough to accept your lover’s dark side, even though it’s similar to the things you dislike about yourself? For instance, if you tend to max out your credit cards, and he’s prone to buying every new technological gadget that comes on the market, is he going to drive you nuts? Or drive you into the poorhouse?

If you find yourselves deep in debt, you may blame each other for buying unnecessary stuff (at least, that’s his opinion of your $800 earrings, which was as much as he paid for that overpriced – in your opinion – sub-woofer he bought for the sound system in the den). As you can see, the challenge here lies in taking responsibility for your own faults – nnd not blaming the other person for acting like a mirror, or (even worse), a magnifying glass.

Having said that, the feeling of being understood and sharing important things in common may overcome the negative mirror. So read your sign below for some pointers about having a same-sign relationship.

The Aries couple: You’re hot together! As a Mars-ruled couple, you have plenty of energy for the boudoir. Quickies may be the problem, however – you need to slow down to thoroughly enjoy the nuances of your sexual connection. This passion spills over into everything you do together, which is exciting but could cause burnout. You get bored easily, and have trouble relaxing together. And if boredom sets in, you’ll end the relationship (perhaps prematurely). Because Mars rules anger, you can instantly irritate each other over the smallest things. Your arguments can be heard around the corner and up the block. Patience, patience. Staying-power in your relationship will be in short supply – unless you strive for a deeper, steadier emotional connection.

The Taurus couple: Eating, drinking and merriment make you the ultimate sensual couple. Subtle touching throughout the day, combined with simmering eye contact, will lead right to the bedroom (where you may stay for days at a time). Routine, however, can be your downfall. Too much of it will lead to relationship stagnation. You’re both very loving, loyal and extremely stubborn, which can bind you together for a long time – but being adaptable isn’t your forte. You’ll need to change up your relationship periodically so you continue to grow as a couple. And a word about money: You each need to be in charge of different areas of you finances, or you’ll wind up with some major control issues. You have control issues, anyway, but money is your Achilles heel. So strive to keep things fresh, compromise over how you handle money – and try to get out of the bedroom once in a while.

The Gemini couple: As a couple of twins, there are four people in your relationship, which can make for a scattering of energies – unless you learn to slow down and focus. It’s never a dull moment with so many activities to plan, people to see and ideas to explore. You never lack for mental excitement, and communicating with each other is your strength. Flirting and talking dirty can intensify your passion. The mental connection is definitely there, but what may be lacking is a deep emotional bond. You may not be able to get out of your heads long enough to feel the love. Be silent sometimes, so you can listen to your heart. And stop trying to fill every waking moment with stuff to do. If you can establish a heart-to-heart connection, your relationship will be forever interesting as you grow old together.

The Cancer couple: Oh, the emoting! You’re the most sentimental of same-sign couples, always strumming the heart strings. Profoundly sensitive and intuitive, you usually know what the other is feeling without being told. That goes for your bedroom romps as well. Your cozy, heartfelt passion makes you feel safe enough to open up sexually – and of course safety is important to any Cancer. Depth of feeling is your strength, but talking about your feelings is the challenge. Your partner won’t always know what you’re going through – you have to speak up and say something. If you don’t, you’ll let the negativity fester, and no one holds onto negativity like a Cancer. Let it go, for heaven’s sake! And don’t cling to each other as if you were the last couple on Earth. Getting out into the world and letting new acquaintances join your close circle of family and friends will help you grow as a couple – and keep your bond fresh.

The Leo couple: The drama of it all! Passion isn’t a problem for you – your sex life has plenty of fire. You’re a creative couple, too, so keeping things fresh isn’t a problem, either. What is a problem is blowing things out of proportion (drama, again) and deciding who gets to be on top, so to speak. You both like to lead, and you both crave attention. So who gets to be pampered first? You’ll need to learn to compromise, and take turns being the adored Queen or King who gets all the love and attention. And don’t fight over the bathroom mirror – it’s unbecoming to a regal lion. Also, keep an eye on that craving for luxury, which can wreak havoc on your finances. On the positive side, you’re both supremely loyal, so if you don’t let willfulness derail your relationship, you’ll have a lively and long-lived bond.

The Virgo couple: Being a sensual Earth sign, you can have a deeply satisfying sex life – if you don’t over-analyze it to death. Like Gemini, Mercury is your ruler, which makes communicating easier but can cut off your instincts. And listen up: Nothing is perfect. But try telling that to a pair of perfectionists! Your main challenge as a couple is accepting imperfections. Not only are you hard on yourselves, but that negative mirror can make you hard on your partner as well, if your expectations aren’t met. Criticism can crush your relationship. What you do have is sensitivity to each other’s needs, and the willingness to support each other’s dreams and goals. Being helpful to each other and accepting each other’s strengths and weaknesses can create a loving bond that lasts forever.

The Libra couple: As a Venus-ruled couple, you’re over the top when it comes to romance. Nothing is too lovey-dovey for you… candlelight, wine, music, flowers – in abundance – create an environment that suits your ultra-romantic, artsy lifestyle. In bed, your ultimate goal is to please your partner, and who wouldn’t appreciate that? As an Air sign, however, your brain can get in the way of pleasure, so don’t over-think your bedroom romps. Let your instincts take over – and enjoy! Your main challenge lies in taking care of the practical things that make a relationship work, on a day-to-day basis. Being grounded isn’t your strength. Indecisiveness is also an issue, and can make commitment difficult. Still, if you’re committed, your love and sense of fairness can create a harmonious and long-lasting bond.

The Scorpio couple: One word for you: – intense! Your passion could light up an entire city. No doub
t your attraction to each other feels fated, almost as if you had no choice in the matter. After all, Scorpios never do anything halfway. Those smoldering glances broadcast sex, and your powerful emotional nature won’t settle for less than complete possession of your partner’s body, mind and soul. This can make for some monumental control issues. Yes, the urge to control each other is your biggest challenge. Inwardly, you fear abandonment, and this can make you cling too tightly to each other, which in turn leads to jealously, secretiveness and, well, the doom of love. But if you can be vulnerable with each other and keep the control demons at bay, the depth of your connection can fuel a forever love.

The Sagittarius couple: You’re the globe-trotting couple that never sits still – adventure is in your blood! Trailblazing across uncharted territories (or even trying out new restaurants) means your relationship will never get stale. You’re both free spirits! But when it comes to commitment, there might not be one – ever. Settling down (oh, that ugly word!) is your biggest challenge. You’ll always have fun together, and you’ll always make each other laugh, but being practical isn’t your strong suit. Who’s going to balance the checkbook and clean up after the dog? Not you! Well, unless you have some Earth in your chart, which would make you more “grounded” (another dirty word!). The Sag’s strength is the ability to envision the future and manifest dreams, so if your relationship is part of your dream, you may just stay together for the rest of your lives.

The Capricorn couple: You’re an ambitious pair. Your strength is in supporting each other’s goals, moving together to the top of the heap. Security and commitment are important to you, so being together over the long haul is a real possibility. Sexually, your earthy, patient nature tends to prefer a leisurely roll in the hay. But, wow – you can bore each other after a while. As with all Earth signs, your downfall can be a stagnation, so keeping things fresh by sharing new ideas and activities is important to your growth as a couple. Another challenge is the control issue. Being ruled by stoic Saturn, you may find it difficult to cut loose and have fun with each other. Life isn’t just about getting somewhere! Simply being in each other’s company, without trying to accomplish something, can be just as fulfilling. So if you’re committed to each other, and take some time to play, longevity may be on your side.

The Aquarius couple: You’re the “out there” couple. With Uranus as your ruler, you’re up for just about anything, as long as it isn’t boring. Experimenting with new activities, positions, toys, whatever, can make for some intriguing – maybe even weird – fireworks in the bedroom. You’re super-social, and friends are important to you. You’ll undoubtedly attract a diverse and interesting social circle, which is one of the best things about your relationship. However, objectivity – to the point of detachment – can be your downfall. Unless there’s a strong Water element in your charts, you may have difficulty staying connected emotionally. But while you’re together, you’ll inspire each other’s social and intellectual growth – possibly for a long, long, time.

The Pisces couple: Ah, you dreamers. With Neptune as your ruler, sweet romance casts a blissful aura over your relationship. Love is the nectar of life for you. And heightening your bliss is the spiritual bond you have together. You’re sensitive – to the point of being near-psychic – to each other’s needs, which fuels the gentle but deep passion between you. You’re willing to be whatever the other wants you to be, which is both enchanting (especially in the bedroom, where fantasy rules) and dangerous. Holding on to your individuality is the challenge, because Pisces is notoriously bad at establishing boundaries. Your other challenge is staying grounded enough to take care of business. So if your relationship is to work – and it can – you’ll need to ensure that the relationship doesn’t overpower who you both are, or get in the way of what you need to do.

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