The Best Reason to Quit Your Job

Why Quitting Your Job Can be Good for You

Surveys suggest that over 70 percent of American’s are currently working somewhere that undervalues them, does not pay enough, and has no long-term growth potential. In other words, most people do not necessarily need a reason to leave their job, as they can already think of several. What they do need is a little direction and the confidence to know that everything is going to work out if they make a change.

Let’s get the facts straight. Quitting your job can negatively impact your personal and financial situation. However, not quitting can negatively impact your health, confidence, happiness, relationships and motivation. If you’ve been telling yourself that your current job is hurting you, perhaps it is time to start listening.

Starting something new is just as difficult as ending something familiar. This is one of the biggest reasons why people tell themselves that they are going to quit, yet never do. However, sometimes you’ve got to take that leap of faith. The biggest question is, how do you know when your reasoning is good enough? A psychic reading may give you enough information to know if the time is right, and here are some points to consider if you’re thinking of quitting your job.

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When is Enough, Really Enough?

According to the experts, there are four ways that a job can bring you satisfaction. When it teaches you new things, drives passion, provides personal value, and pays you what you’re worth. A serious lack of any of these may be your biggest reason to quit. Let’s look at each of these in detail.


Researchers claim that one of the important aspects of happiness is learning. In particular, it makes you happiest when you are learning something new most every day. When you are faced with a monotonous job that offers little cognitive stimulation, it is next-to-impossible to find satisfaction. This is when you can ask the company to challenge you more. If the company does not think you can handle that, perhaps you are not dishing out the effort (or being valued) as much as you should.


Another key to happiness is doing what you love. Easier said than done, right? Well, here’s a tip: Many passions revolve around relationships, but the relationships have to be positive for passion to grow. If you find yourself in a position where your potential is being drowned by negative energy, changing your job may be just what you need to jump start your passion.

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Finding value in what you do will result in long-term satisfaction. Your values must have access to every part of your life, including your job. With that said, the reality is that jobs with magnificent value systems are hard to come by. Fortunately, jobs with a huge lack of values (unfair, unethical, etc.) are easy to come by. Many of these jobs offer bread crumbs in the form of extra pay to buy you a new set of values. However, they don’t lead to satisfaction over the long-term. Don’t be afraid to trade the high salary for a higher state of purpose.


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs places food, shelter and warmth at the base of your ultimate goal, which is self-actualization (the moment when you are at your most creative and happy). You can’t reach self-actualization if you are stressed about providing the fundamental necessities to live. If you are constantly worrying about your mortgage, groceries and heating bill, perhaps you either need to budget better or find a job with a salary that covers your expenses.

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When Quitting is Not a Solution

Don’t make quitting a habit. Short-term relief from an annoying co-worker, a misplaced comment or tedious task is a big reason why some people quit, but probably shouldn’t. Considering the amount of time and attention it takes to get from Job A to Job B, it will benefit you the most if you focus on the bigger picture of your future.

Don’t look at the short-term benefits of quitting, but rather what it might accomplish for you over the next five years. That annoying co-worker may not be so bad once you climb to the next rung on your career ladder. That tedious task may lead to more challenging work if you are really good at it. Quitting is not always the solution, but if you’re running out of options, it may be time to start considering it.

21 thoughts on “The Best Reason to Quit Your Job

  1. Marc from the UK

    I changed my Career path after 24 years in the same industry, people say why won’t you go back to it, the reason is simple, I feared change, I dreaded entering a field I did not know, however I could not learn any more in the field I was in, I knew all there was to know, so my cycle of learning and growth stopped and I quit at the top. so when I was made redundant, I took on doing something new which has no status, started at the bottom, and I am enjoying it, as it is new, and I am learning new things which stimulate my mind and curiosity! And hey, it’s great just being responsible for me and watching younger people, learning and growing , developing as I once did at that age. Maturity and spiritual growth are in there own right a job!

  2. diana

    Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I agree with the article. I resigned from my job on May 2013 because it was a miserable place. I do not have a job line up. It is scary. But I feel if I had stay a bit longer I would have lost my sanity. Sometimes your peace of mind is equally important. Yes, the bills, rent… but if you can handle being unemployed for few months it is worthy.You gain new strength because without you even knowing staying in a toxic job with toxic people can rob you from your self-esteem and worth. thanks

  3. cara

    Great, motivating article. I have been unhappy in my job for years, and i definitely am under paid.
    But, there are no better jobs. the economy is horrible, and the unemployment rate is climbing.
    Who can afford to quit their job?

    i look for a better job everyday. hopefully eventually….

  4. Sharon Rud

    Good article..but.Ive been contemplating quitting my job of 20 yrs plus.I do have another job so its not altho Id be going thru a financial crisis. Ive been a waitress for 35 yrs., the last 20 of it has bwwn with a popular restaurant..I love our place,the food, the clientele..I’ve acquired extended families in all directions. From coworkers to guests.Being the oldest employee-Im 60- (outside of my Gen.Mgr), Im often looked to for advice-a shoulder/ear for a sounding board. Im very much into healthy eating .being/living green,so with that..advice. Over the yrs, Ive seen Mgmt. come & go. The more they come-the younger they are…more aggressive-more they’re going to change the way things are run. More disrespectful to us servers.. More concerned about the numbers/their BONUSes than they are about the people dining there & their welfare.Ive watched the decline of morals & work ethics go down the drain, they(mgt. have their favorites) .Their is a handful of us older servers still there but we’re getting tired of all the crap we’re being handed. No respect, whatsoever. I came in when that place was run like a tight ship…Now its a joke. In the past few years Im getting more & more that I want to quit..but its SO hard !!I feel such a connection to a lot of the older people that come in-seniors that have lost their spouses of 40/50/60 years.Or that are celebrating their 1st anniversary to their 50th plus… Im torn apart. I feel my day is comig where I’ll be let go-which Im not afraid of.My age being a factor. And Im really looking forward to the no STRESS-level. I just don’t kknow how to walk away…or if I’ll be ok financially.

  5. Jacky

    Hi I really like this article thank you so much… Please I hope keep posting nice article…because I’m so confuse of what I can do new for my job…

  6. teresa

    I love the article. It is soo true!!! I am in the process of changing positions. I have been at the same job for nearly 11 years and have really enjoyed most things about it. I do now feel that I am being underappreciated for my abilities and knowledge that I could contribute to the company. They will not allow me to utilize my skills and make the contributions that I am capable of doing. Guess they will have to wait until I am gone to fully realize what they are missing out on.

  7. Danny

    Bee, I’ve been there, and quit precisely because of that. I did have a job lined up, but it proved to be a huge mistake–jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Now previously I had been with that company for six years and when an opening in my department opened up I applied but was turned down and someone completely inexperienced was brought in–they were grooming him to be the manager of that department in the future. Of course I was the one that had to train him.

    The only advice I can give, is to make sure to have a job ready, make sure that job offers the same or more benefits and pay, and that it is not a lot farther from your home, than your current job is. Make sure you know for sure. Trust me I regret jumping to a new job where I did not know exactly how much I would be making, that was a lot farther than where I used to work, and false promises of upward mobility within the company. I traded down. Still I was too unhappy at my old workplace, so I have only a few regrets I left–I still would not have found happiness there. Again it can be a bumpy road, so be careful when you consider what’s out there. If you ask me, you didn’t kiss up to the right people, and why you were passed over–that’s how it was at my old job. It pays to brown nose, no matter how much you dislike it, many others have no trouble doing it, and are often rewarded for it–big.

  8. Alice in wonderland

    Great advice. I hv been with this company for 30 yrs. I like my current job. I am handling 5 company accounts but wat make me dissatisfied is my pay. At times I feel to quit. But after long thinking, why sould I quit js bcos of unhappy pay tht I rcvd. I want to prove to bosses tht im am not js looking for good salary but my current job make me more challenging to other co worker. Am happy tht I stl maintain till tdy. No body is perfect.

  9. marios

    Its a nice article !it gives people time to stop and think !However consider full time job can make you a living and A PART time to make You a fortune !!!The word “quit “is some times “bitter”rather have “A change”but first” stop and think”love mario

  10. Easy

    That’s just dumb. Most people feel that way but most people like to eat. So you work the best job you can find. But you still have to put up with crap. Look around. How many dream jobs are there.

  11. Savantha

    Great article. Just in time for me. It let me consider all the aspects, reasoning etc.
    Thank you very much.

  12. bee

    I like your article, it is great, I am in the processing to quit my job. I am in a death-end position, where, I apply for the position and didn’t get, and I have to teach the person whom get the position. So I didn’t think it is rewarding, and want to seek a new positon else where, especially I have been working for this company over 10 years. Am I wrong to leave? Aside, finding a new job is not easy….

  13. Corrina

    Thanx for the post.. I been real unhappy at my job of 3 yrs as a cook in a busy restaurant.. with lil gratitude…lil pay… a lot of drama due to younger workforce who seem lazy.. no compassion… me, myself & I seems to be the only attitude I see…no company loyality…so I finally left & altho future is uncertain… I really never felt happier or more excited about what God has planned for my future… good timing for this message.. for me anyway.. lol.. thank you

  14. mary bevill

    I think great,…what you said ….my proublem is im wanting make tbings of my own,,,and selll them ,butt ,now you have to have a selling licences to do that…it got so bad,that poor children can even sell lemonaid on stand on your street .without someone come up to your children an tell shut it down…because what obma,,has done….to our…country state…now…our children and us…is suffferng …..because that teaches tbem about selling stuff and about money…….how in tbe world…if evrrthi.g is tiok away from oyr state ..without.have some kind money to start with…im sure our old fathers and mother did,nt have to have selling licences,,,to sell..lemonaid,,,,or other stuff i. Your yard…..what helll give …or we so greedie…that we cant a changes to make it in life…to make something of their self….my last name bevill,,which is english….my old fatgers and mothers never had tbis..proublem….now scents we got him in there,,theirs moer proublems o. Top problems…….you name it …obma,,,,,


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