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I strive to provide real life solutions and answers to assist my clients in making wise choices for themselves. I believe that a client and psychic are to be in harmony together during their reading, rather than the psychic being the “only voice they hear,” as telling a person how to live their life requires the person to trust and be responsible for their choices. As a psychic, I’m able to review the past, present and future because we worked “together,” rather than me being just their psychic who tells them how to make their life choices.

We’re each here during this life to learn how to make better choices, and as a psychic my goal is to see that this happens for my clients as they lead their daily lives. I realize that you can’t please all the people all the time, and sometimes it’s necessary to recognize this as a psychic. My goal as a psychic is to bring clarity to my clients. Also, working with California Psychics, I know that my clients have the best support of not only the psychic, but the client as well.

My clients vary in their needs and expectations of themselves and their life. I am their guide, so they can find clarity in their personal situations. Having guided my clients to their best and highest good has allowed me to strengthen their insecurities and guide each to a place that they are working toward, especially self development, career changes or personal awareness of their authentic and spiritual self.

Example: I have a client that deals with a lover who she believes is cheating, and has been told by others that indeed he was unfaithful and lying to her. I on the other hand did not see that he had been cheating or lying but was capable of doing so, and her “fears” were so pronounced that I could see where the reader interpreted this as happening! I got past her fears and doubts to see the real path he was pursuing. He constantly told her he was not lying to her or cheating, but I noticed with the recognition of this truth he was getting tired of telling her this and beginning to feel “why not, she thinks I am anyway, no matter what I say!” But, indeed, he had not “yet!” Together she and I worked on her “inner acceptance” of herself and her needs. As the years have gone by she has began to realize he was loyal to her and she was accepting this as the “real” life rather than the feared life she was living.

I have found that if a client has become validated as being betrayed they accept that as the truth, proceed to embrace anger and disappointment for their love and life, which may only have been that the individuals “fears” were so high that a psychic could misinterpret the intention being placed as being cheated on as the client “believed” that it was happening, and it was their fear not the real experience they were was living. They are much happier now and she is in a stronger position emotionally, mentally and spiritually than she ever has been. The areas of “cheating and lying” are still held as “possible” rather than “happening!” I truly believe it would have happened had she not changed her intention for their relationship to be secure rather than falling apart!

Each person has choices to make about their belief and that which is real, and as a psychic it is my responsibility to get past the strong beliefs held emotionally by some clients, giving us a chance to see more clearly the real life experiences rather than held fears they are holding in life experiences.

I do believe that had she not taken responsibility for her emotions and mental activity they would have broken up, as he was getting terribly defensive about her accusations, and out of spite could have had a relationship, as women did find him appealing, and he was a “flirt” in many ways, but she knew that going in to the relationship, hence he was not changing his personality, just being who he is! We successfully removed her block of “distrust” to “acceptance of herself and her choices staying with him!”

We continue to review the situation and they are continuing to develop their partnership and love, without fear or distrust.

I had a client that I was reading for and was “off” with their expectations, and told her that unfortunately I was unable to read her— she surprised me by saying I know you can do this, let’s try this again! So we worked through our blocks with each other as psychic and client, and we both were able to become viable for each other and have been together ever since!

So to be a successful psychic is to be able to know when we fit or don’t, and if the client is patient and willing to work through the blocks the psychic may have encountered, together “we” can create a successful outcome.

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