Psychic News Roundup

Coton_de_Tular_2 There was big news this week in the world of psychics. First, in London, a police trainer was fired for stating his belief that psychics should be used to help solve crimes. In a big win for Spiritualists everywhere, the judge hearing the case decreed: That the beliefs “are worthy of respect in a democratic society and have sufficient cogency, seriousness, cohesion and importance to fall into the category of a philosophical belief. Snap.

Moving on to Canada, it appears that the owners of a lost, prize pooch have hired American pet psychics to bring her home. The Coton de Tulear (French for adorable little fluff ball) went missing after having her first litter of puppies. If any of you wonderful Psychics have tips, please contact the proper authorities.

One thought on “Psychic News Roundup

  1. Jenne

    If you have a look on the site you can watch many videos about stpriis and the misconceptions many people have about so called ghosts. There is also info about w’hat are hauntings’ and what’s the difference between a ghost (energy vibration) and stpriis.’


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