Psychic Liam: Sacred Sexuality

Psychic Liam ext. 9290 is a long-term student of traditional tantra. He has been a professional psychic and intuitive adviser specializing in sexuality and life counseling for more than 16 years. As an empath and erotic strategist, he utilizes specialized divinatory tools such as the Manara Erotic Tarot to make practical interpretations of energy patterns, as well as individual profiling to help his clients make informed decisions regarding their relationships and life choices and achieve their desired results.

We sat down with Psychic Liam ext. 9290 recently for a short interview. His responses were fascinating and revealing.

How did Psychic Liam ext. 9290 begin on the path?

“I’m not a person that professes to be gifted from childhood. I was a natural intuitive, but most children are. I was always somebody that was very good at relationships and sexuality. Later in life I became interested in psychic phenomenon, but almost from an artistic perspective. I began to hang out with people who were more avant-garde. There was a whole artistic community that practiced psychic and magical phenomenon, so I learned Tarot, and worked very very hard at it. That was the beginning.

“I was in a psychic class and my teacher was connected to some of the professional reading circuits in the area. One day a promoter came into her shop and said that several of his readers will ill, and he needed backup immediately. So our teacher sent us into the fray. I was terrified; I’d only done readings in the classroom or in practice, and as I went into this thing I remember being overwhelmed from the beginning. The people kept coming and coming. But it went very well indeed. It started there, and has never ended from that time.”

Where has Psychic Liam ext. 9290‘s path led him since?

“I’m studying traditional tantra,” Psychic Liam ext. 9290 reveals. “I’m not an initiate, but I am a student, and quite active in my scholarship. The word itself has so many definitions. Traditional tantra is a holistic system of applicable knowledge. It’s about the reverence of female energy – shakti – as the active principle in the universe. In tantra, the female principle is elevated above the male principle. It’s about the union and yoga of the conscious and unconscious minds, and knowing thyself. With the ancient tantrics, there were only three really things that could have a massive, profound effect in one’s life – death, climax, and the woman’s experience of giving birth. And that’s what a lot of traditional tantric practitioners get into.”

Psychic Liam ext. 9290 is renowned for assisting clients with experiencing fuller sex lives.

“Every situation is unique and none is,” he explains about people’s sex lives. “The only thing that’s unique is the scenery. Individuals have unique energies; the situations and their outlooks are unique. You have but a handful of actual themes in any relationship reading. Unrequited love is a huge one. Star-crossed lovers is a huge one – my mainstay – when for reasons of social restraint, traditional restraint or taboo, two people cannot be together in their time period. The reality is that true love is something you’d rather avoid, because it can rip your world apart.”

How can people begin to more fully explore their sexuality?

“Through art and myth,” Psychic Liam ext. 9290 explains. “I think that in art and in literature, we find those things we can relate to on those deeper levels. Explore visual art, classics of humanities. Open yourself sensually. And open to physical sensation, as well, in order to get rid of this existential numbness. If you’re not a literature person, that’s fine. Maybe try gardening.”

What would he most like people to realize?

“That nothing is true, and everything is permitted. Truth is nonexistent as a universal concept. Once we drop the universal, drop the objective, we get a better and more tolerant perspective on humanity. People build their own truth. Human beings really are very unique in their subjectivity.”

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5 thoughts on “Psychic Liam: Sacred Sexuality

  1. sandeelee

    Liam, I’ve read many of your posts and each time you amaze me. At first I was angry when you said avoid true love, why avoid such a beautiful season, I thought what does he know. But I realize true love is many times one sided, perhaps your insight to avoid is the real deal. I think of true love leading to this beautiful nuturing, romantic, all encompassing loving, sexual, ultimate place. Truly when does this ever happen? Liam I wish you were here in my neighborhood so you could lead me around like a dog on a chain so I would stay out of these all encompassing fairytale thoughts on how life should be. I need you here as my friend to guide me away from myself. You are so on, is it possible to change ones engraved thoughts. Where did I get these thoughts from Ozzie and Harriett? Who invented this true love a psycho and we are all wandering around trying to attain it?

  2. Jacqueline

    Hi Liam,
    You specialize in one of those areas where sexuality exist but many are uncomfortable in discussing it, in fact if we all discussed it more freely we may see less disagreements and tension in our relationships, this is why we are so lucky to have part of our team,

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  3. misskrystalmisskrystal

    Wonderful and very interesting. Liam is the kind of person I could sit down and talk with for hours.
    He is so unique and in a league of his own. I am very proud to work here at the same Network as him. CP really has the best psychics in the world 🙂
    Thanks, Miss Krystal

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hail and Well Met, Liam….

    “That nothing is true, and everything is permitted. Truth is nonexistent as a universal concept. Once we drop the universal, drop the objective, we get a better and more tolerant perspective on humanity. People build their own truth. Human beings really are very unique in their subjectivity.”

    Liam,your last comment from above reminded me, very much for some reason, of lyrics to a very old favorite song of mine Nights in White Satin by The Moody Blues…and in particular, the first verse from the song and, ESPECIALLY, the very last verse in the POEM at the end of the long version of that song.
    ( which I posted below)

    Nights in white satin
    Never reaching the end
    Letters I’ve written
    Never meaning to send
    Beauty I’ve always missed
    With these eyes before
    Just what the truth is
    I cant say anymore

    Cold hearted orb that rules the night
    Removes the colours from our sight
    Red is grey and yellow white
    But we decide which is right …..
    …….And which is an illusion

    Nice interview Liam !….the video was superb too.
    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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