Psychic Deejay: Develop Your Psychic Ability

Everyone Has Psychic Abilities

For years I have said that everyone has psychic abilities. How strong they are depends on your ability to acknowledge and develop them. It also depends on your capacity to trust and use that ability. As with any gift or talent, you must practice, practice and then practice some more. A person can’t learn to perfect a musical instrument or sing and act well over night. Similarly, developing psychic abilities requires dedication, discipline and a positive focus to perfect that talent.

Because you live in a practical world, it may seem like some of the things you think and feel aren’t real. But I promise you, if you continue on your journey to master the tools, you will learn to distinguish between what is imaginary and what is a real psychic connection to a higher source or sixth sense.

There are numerous tools, methods, teachings and paths for you to research. Knowledge is the key to opening the sources within and there are countless books and articles to research your path. Just know that everyone’s path, while there are many similarities, is still a very personal and unique journey.

It is up to you which tools start your journey. For example you could do divination through Tarot, pendulums, crystals and runes. Using them could change the blueprint of who you think you are. Learn the skills, do the exercises and allow yourself to be open to the energies. Each tool is a building block that expands your abilities. Once you master the tools you will not need them because they become a part of you.

So if you are ready, here are a few suggestions to start. Acknowledge, relax, focus and believe!


Divination and working with the pendulum are excellent ways to build confidence and trust your abilities. Find a pendulum you connect with and begin understanding the movements of “Yes,” “No” and “Unable to answer.” Start with questions you know the answers to and you will start to feel a connection to the movement of the pendulum. Once you feel confident, practice on yourself, your friends and your family. Working with a pendulum is a great way to embrace and recognize a connection to the energy.


A desk of Tarot cards should be chosen based on the connection your feel to it. Yes, sometimes the deck chooses you! I feel it is really important to get the Rider Waite deck because it has been a standard for years and it’s used in many classes teaching basic Tarot skills. Go through each card and their meaning and note why you connect with it and understand it. The next step is to go through the deck and wait for the cards to tell you what the meaning of the day is. This is how your form a relationship with your deck. Tarot is about opening up and trusting your inner self and connecting to a higher source.

Be patient. Take your time and remember you are mastering the tool and not just completing a homework assignment. You are working with a higher source to reveal a deeper meaning. These same instructions apply to runes and oracle cards as well.


Teach yourself to read and see auras. Auras are the energy field around people and objects. Every one of us has an aura and the easiest way to see it, in the beginning, is against a white background. Similar to heat waves off a hot sidewalk, you want to perceive the energy around the person. Focus just beyond the person standing in front of a white wall. Some auras are small and some are big. Some are clear and some have color. Practice makes for a perfect aura reader. Research the Internet for auras and the meanings of the different colors. Reading auras gives you a lot of insight into a person.

The three examples I have presented here are only a small sampling of the ways in which you can develop your psychic abilities. You can do an Internet search to find more, or better yet, give me a call and I can tell you which tools you should be using. You can also look for like-minded people in your town. If a group doesn’t exist already, start one! 2012 was a year of profound energy. In 2013, many people are feeling the urge to explore their psychic abilities each and every day. I am one of many talented psychics with California Psychics who are happy to assist you on your journey. We look forward to helping you.

13 thoughts on “Psychic Deejay: Develop Your Psychic Ability

  1. Tobias Loving

    Woah! I’m really loving the template/theme of this site. It’s simple, yet effective.
    A lot of times it’s very difficult to get that “perfect balance” between superb usability and visual appearance.
    I must say that you’ve done a amazing job with this.

    In addition, the blog loads extremely fast for me on Firefox.
    Excellent Blog!

  2. bkimsfarmKimberly Boudreaux

    Growing up I thought I was crazy because I would feel things that I didn’t understand,are knowing something was going to happen before it would happen, so I started getting my cards read by different people and was always and I am still being told that I am very intuitive,and for a while it was able to open my mind are my third eye as they say and do readings with angel cards,and a deck of playing cards I was very confident and by being able to feel the auras coming off of someone I was able to interpit the readings very easy, it’s been about 6 years now that something has blocked me,and I can’t figure out what it’s like a switch has been turned off. I would sure appreciate any help from someone to try and help me out

  3. Cho- Zen 1

    Thank you for the info i havent told anybody about what was going on with me for years. What ever it is i dont have a understanding of it and i dont say a word to anybody about it people would think im crazy, through the years it has been getting stronger were 95% or better im dead on right and some times it scares me. I need to learn how to harness this energy and need help with it can anybody help me ?

  4. Sherry Andrea

    Thanks for sharing. Interesting starting out with using tools. I would just say don’t get stuck there and rely on them too heavily so that work to develop natural abilities can happen. Yes, speaking from experience. I am one of those who suddenly found the tools wouldn’t work and my guides said I needed to develop my own abilities versus relying on tarot cards. But I think working with various tools until you find just the right one for yourself is a great idea. 🙂

  5. Dave

    Thank You Deejay
    I’m not so sure that knowing how to reading energy; classifies a person as being psychic
    I used to use the pendulum, tarot cards and read auras I don’t think of myself as being psychic.
    Having experienced dark energy in a reading I now guard myself from negativity and have become more aware of it’s energy

  6. Felicia

    Excellent information! Thank you for sharing your insightful and deeply profound knowledge.

    I use the Tarot to tap into timelines and the karmic lessons we are faced with at that time.

    As an empath, I can channel deeper into people’s thoughts, attitudes and see the path as it unfolds ahead. Meditation was an important key for me. Over time my psychic abilities grew naturally .We all have a sixth sense, we just need to develope it.

    You are absolutely right, as with any gift or talent, you must practice, practice and then practice some more. A person can’t learn to perfect a musical instrument or sing and act well over night.


    yah,i have practiced the divination with a pendulum and giving the almost 80% results in over all but in national disastarus massages will be 100% results in my country(where i am living).i am getting massages from my sixth sence through my personal natal astrology comparing with transit astrology and exact hitting in my life and i had hits with strong pains recently,and my relatives told to me ,hold the divination by pendulum to stop the disastus hits in my i stopped the divination but, i am feeling so stressfull about my married life.what is the truth i don`t know.time will tell the truth.
    thanking for your information.

  8. Sherry

    Excellent example of learning to perfect a musical instrument! I started out with the tarot cards and the pendulum. I do think that it helped me build trust and confidence I needed to believe I could achieve my psychic development goals.

  9. Chinwe

    Thanks for sharing I been told that I have this gift in side of me. I was using at a time it’s stopped I don’t why please help .

  10. fallon

    Hi since I can’t remember I have had these abilities I just didn’t have no one to tell me I’m not crazy or i don’t have nothing mentally wrong for a years i thought this by doctors telling me this.Now i know I Am Not Crazy.I can see the things i can but i still don’t understand what i can see n how too use them. Would love to hear from you.

  11. Adijatu Bah

    Hello Deejay,
    Thanks for the great insight for wanting to be Psychic. I have being told many a times that i do have a hidden Psychic ability that i don’t realise. I will be very greatful if i can find that hidden power in me.

    Hoping to hear from you.

  12. eva

    I do believe we are able to explore our psychic abilities by using the tools. They helped me to know the true I wished to know. It was not easy to believe what the tools revealed to me.
    My life has changed due knowing the true. I became stronger, grounded . I learned to value what is really worth of.
    Still like to work with the tools especially pendulum, tarot or angel cards trying to help myself or closest ones.


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