Is it Possible to Be Both Religious and Psychic?

Do Psychic Powers Go Against Religion—Or Not?

Is it possible to be religious and a psychic? Do I have to denounce my religious beliefs if I’m to grow psychically? I have come across this question on many occasions from callers who have a strong religious background, and yet these awakening, intuitive senses they can’t explain. They are hesitant to move forward with their spiritual growth due to the fundamentalist religious foundation of their youth. These callers are experiencing confusion associated with their new psychic abilities versus what they were taught was right from wrong.

Is it possible to combine both religion/spirituality and psychic abilities? Absolutely! Through my work I have discovered that neither of these are mutually exclusive.

I grew up in a household of religion, spirituality and mysticism. I have very strong spiritual beliefs and know that the source of my spiritual/psychic gifts is God. I was taught to stay strong in my beliefs, all of them, no matter what others may say or think, including other family members. No matter what your religion or beliefs, never limit your thinking. Just because something may not seem possible doesn’t mean it can’t be. Things are not always as they appear; they don’t have to be either black or white. This is what’s amazing about honing your new skills and awakening your senses. The possibilities are endless!

There is increasing evidence showing that as we learn new skills and put our mind to new challenges (I believe utilizing and sharpening our spiritual gifts counts!) that it actually changes our brains. It’s theorized that we’re creating new brain connections not previously tapped into.

Consider, if you will, that awakening these psychic gifts within oneself is a type of evolution. Does evolving into a higher self take away from your belief in God? No—in fact, I believe it enhances it and brings us closer to the God of our own understanding. Your perception starts changing, allowing your mind to expand beyond what it is “religiously” acceptable in some faiths. I myself have come to my own understanding with God and am continually finding balance between faith, psychic abilities and the religion of my youth.

May your journey to enlightenment and the expansion of your awareness be blessed.

15 thoughts on “Is it Possible to Be Both Religious and Psychic?

  1. Sherry

    Most psychics are very spiritual in their outlook on life, but not necessarily religious in the traditional sense. The word “psychic” and the word “prophet” come from the same root-meaning. Psychics strive for harmony and want it for the people around them, and for the world.

  2. Sherry

    Prophets–i.e. psychics, we an important part of most ancient spiritual traditions and are still prominent in certain religions today, such as Spiritualism. In ancient times the skies were watched and mapped–the movements of the stars–astrology–the prophets were honored, people tithed to them, and placed them in high esteem; an entirely different light than today. To be a psychic or an astrologer is to be blessed with a spiritual gift that is offered into the world for enlightenment. Hurray for modern-day psychics!

  3. Faith ext. 9608Psychic Faith

    Very nice Zofeya!

    “Your perception starts changing, allowing your mind to expand beyond what is ‘religiously’ acceptable in some faiths.”

    Happy Holiday Blessings!

    ~ Faith ext.9608

  4. Anauel

    I enjoyed your article. It reflected much wisdom. I am thrilled to see your understandings and development continue to flourish and enhance your life and the lives of those around you Zofeya. May you continue to serve and help many, many souls on their roads to their respective destinies.

  5. Abigail EX 9570

    Zofeya very nice my boys have almost come fist to cuffs defending me and my belief in God so many do not understand beautiful article for this Holiday season Blessings of Divine white light

  6. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    Hi Zofeya –
    yes indeed, people do call the line pledged with guilt from a religious point of view. that alone creates blockages causing them not to hear or understand what the reading is actually about. in that sense it is very important for our callers to know that we as readers are healers and never work, pray wish any harm on anyone (even the lousy boy/girlfriend) :).

    being a Buddhist gives me insight as it is said “the Buddha knows all and sees all”, kinda like Santa…

    religion is often without a god, spiritually is often without a god.
    yet within these practices “cause and effect” stands strong.

    I would think a person who calls that does not have guilt about calling will be more open to hearing our reading.
    guilt blocks energy, even positive energy. it takes a minute to gain courage and wisdom to call a reader or to become a reader –

    your callers are blessed to met you and share their stories with you.

    with metta,

  7. libby 5288

    Thank You Zofeya, very well said, I too get these calls, people in fear of what religion has put in their minds, all in all it’s just a lack of understanding.

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Very nicely done, Zofeya.

    Off line, I read for some of the top Neuro-Surgeons and Psychiatrists M.D.’s in USA and Canada and much scientific clinical research work has been done, proving that every time we learn something new, including improving our intuitive abilities, it forms and expands transmitters in our brain.

    The right side of our brain, the least understood side, the intuitive and creative side , is relatively 80% untapped in most people. It is that right side of the brain that creates new neuro connections when we learn any new, creative, or work on our intuitive abilities.

    And, psychic ability has nothing whatsoever to do with religion or even walking a certain spiritual path….a few of the famous psychics decades ago , pioneers in this field ,were , in fact, atheists.

    Loved your article, Zofeya !!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  9. Zofeya ext 5351Zofeya ext 5351

    Thank you Quinn, I agree with you. There is no argument that we are all multi-sensory beings. Please don’t misunderstand me; I’m not saying you have to be Godly to be psychic. I think an atheist can be psychic, however, I feel your belief system very much influences the level of vibration in which you tap. Plainly put, I believe that if you pull in guides and answers from a Source, who and what you pull in are based on your level of vibration.

    This article was written for those who are already religious/spiritual and are in conflict with the new gifts that are unfolding in themselves. I was trying to tell people that they need to give themselves permission to express their abilities outside of “organized” religion and letting them know that there is a difference between religion and spirituality. Religion scoffs at our abilities and gifts, and I have had callers that are in turmoil even about calling us because it goes against what they have been taught. This was an article for those whose background is already religious therefore causing confusion within them.

  10. Trinity

    Thank you Zofeya for this fantastic article!

    I also hear these questions frequently from callers as if being psychic or becoming attuned to your psychic awareness is problematic and I encourage callers to ‘look within’ themselves.

    I appreciate your words and insights on this challenge as folks awaken to All that is…


  11. kammy

    Thanks You for this article as I have recently rededicaton my life to God and have contemplated how I can intergrate the two. They are both GIFTS that have been given and as my Grandmother would always say, “What’s the point of having something, if you aren’t going to use it”.

  12. Jacqueline

    Do Not denounce God becuz He gave u a gift and a special gift.. I was involved in Christianity for 11 1/2 yrs married to a preacher and went 3 times a week. I’m remarried now.. But I would like people to know… U see my late mother was psychic and she read her Bible sooo much that the leather binding was nearly non existent.. U see when I was being taught in church that psychos are not of God I was made to feel as tho I should keep my moms God given ability to myself so as to not be judged or her b judged or condemned.. I am very intuitive but I kept it secret… But later down the road our Sunday school class gave out these tests for the whole congregation to take… You know what it was called?? A spiritual gift test… Hmmmm interesting ? Well they just call these abilities by a different word.. Psychic-profit intuition- discernment spirit guides- God led me… It goes on n on… Visions from a psychic God showed me… God made us in His image.. That means he gave us all the things He possesses. Believe me I felt condemned n I would never even be allowed in heaven.. Becuz of these conflicting teachings and preachings.. But now that I seek enlightenment n awareness It’s all connecting together like a dot to dot…. They all belong together… The ancient governments found that we all possess the same amount of power and ability so how could they rule the people who had the same amount of power etc so they began the negative influences and brainwashing that made the people begin to lose their confidence and doubt themselves etc.. So I say maintain all ur beliefs but just don’t be limited to Route 66 becuz there’s so much more to God than the limitations bestowed upon us by religion… God has no limitations. We have our conscience our spirit soul heart to tell us right from wrong etc… I thought God could never love me and now opening my whole mind up to ALL HE GIVES I know he loves me UNCONDITIONALLY.. Not ” if u do this or if u don’t do that..” We’ll I could continue but I better stop… Just know all ur abilities are GOD GIVEN…

  13. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    there are also spiritual/religious practices that are not god based.
    being psychic has nothing to do with religion or spirituality.
    if you are spiritual or religious or both it might enhance ones abilities or it might not!
    the ability to read cards, understand astrology, numerology or any of the psychic arts does not even hinge on being intelligent – it is a way of being all onto itself. like being an artist… the more you draw or paint the better you get. the more a psychic person uses their abilities the sharper they become.

    happy holidays –

  14. Tajah

    Right On! Zofeya!
    Psychic phenomena is littered throughout religious texts! In every religion. Only dogmatic orders which wish to control others or are filled with fear due to lack of understanding, wish to suppress natural spiritual gifts. Open yourselves to the Spiritual Evolutionary Revolution!


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