Owls and Life Changes

Strangely, owls have been appearing when I’m at a turning point in my life. In February 2007, as I was trying to decide between taking a corporate communications job and writing metaphysical articles as a freelancer, I noticed a barn owl perched in the tree outside my condo in Los Angeles. I was totally enchanted. I named the owl Mr. Hoot, and he lived in my tree for a year, sleeping during the day and hunting over the hillsides at night. Since owl symbolizes wisdom, the message was clear: I needed to share my knowledge with others, which meant writing spiritually themed articles.

Now my husband and I are in the process of moving to Spokane, Washington. When we returned from a month-long trip to Spokane recently, I saw, much to my surprise, another barn owl perched in the same tree on the same branch! It’s apparent from pictures I’ve taken of both owls that this one is not Mr. Hoot. What are the chances of two owls, at different times, residing in a tree in the middle of a condo complex in Los Angeles? Unlikely – unless, of course, you need a message from one. My new feathery friend is a reminder to share my knowledge, wherever I am.

6 thoughts on “Owls and Life Changes

  1. Marie T

    Thank you Lucrecia for your response as it really resonated with me. And thank you Joyce…certainly butterflies have a lot to teach us on all counts:)

  2. Lucrecia Ext. 9326

    Dear Marie,
    I’m writing in response to your question regarding the symbolic meaning of the butterfly.
    Yes there is a known symbolic meaning of the butterfly!! It’s metamorphosis. Marie, you are expanding and changing… It’s one of a most beautiful process from egg to larvae to pupa and then finally to the beauteous butterfly!
    You are going through a transition and your life is no doubt unfolding. I would be delighted to read for you in helping you better understand these natural changes and help you discover your destiny through the lessons of the butterfly.
    Always with love,

  3. Joyce (ext. 9598)

    Hi Courtney 🙂
    I so enjoyed this story! I love all the flying things, birds and butterflies…they seem everywhere around me this year. I’m so grateful for their presence, they truely can make a gray day bright.
    About 3 months ago I discovered a small Screech Owl on a low branch in my backyard. Not being familiar with the Screech, I thought it was an abandonded baby, for days on the same limb. I even called the Birds of Prey div/Audubon for help. LOL, only to find out that it was a mature male (6 to 8 inches) guarding a nest in the limb just above.
    Happily the pair gave birth to 3 babies and I finally got to see them a few weeks ago, all in row, on the branch above their dad. Honestly, the babies were the size of golf balls. All this in my very backyard, what an honor!
    I do believe the birds and all animals really are messengers for us. I believe in signs of all forms from the universe. They all say “pay attention” something is up. With an owl it could be to take your time and be wise about things or it could be someone is leaving or like Gina Rose said, it could be great good luck…or even possibly all of the above, there seem so many variations 🙂
    Mary T, for me butterflies say…hey, slow down and feel the breeze, look how beautiful we are, how can you not just sit and watch us our magic in the air? They get my attention with their amazing colors and then they tell me to chill, lol 🙂
    I’ve always had a difficult time though, with an animal any animal, becoming identified with only the negative energies. They are truely magnificant creatures and I’ve pleasantly come to find out, they come in very small packages indeed 🙂

  4. happinessntheworld

    This was a very interesting read for me,
    I have often felt that the Owl was a mystical/spiritual creature. However, in my culture “The Owl” was seen as an evil spirit, trying to do harm if it took up residence on your property… this was taken as a warning.
    For some reason it was really hard for me to believe that. Thanks for the clarification and they are beautiful. Love and Light,

  5. Marie T

    That’s beautiful Cortney. I find I see butterflies when I feel sad or need a lift and there they are. Is there a known symbolic meaning for butterflies? The ones I see tend to be orange or white and black. In fact, today I saw two!

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500

    I live near a National forest AND a state park…..many species of owls here….but when the Great Horned Owl, ( a very large bird), shows up around me….it has always been a sign of good luck for me. I love owls…..they symbolize intelligence,learning and wisdom.
    The Bald Eagle is also very much in my area…..it symbolizes strength and courage, but tempered with compassion.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500


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