New Psychics: New Advisers in Our Psychic Family

New Psychics With Expert Advice

Check out these four new psychics from around the world! The pool of talent, insight and skills just keeps growing, and these new additions are exceptional! Below is just a bit of their expertise. You can read more about them on their biography page or just schedule a reading with them to really see what they’re like!

Psychic Keisha ext. 5728

Starting with your name and birth date, Keisha can see cinematic visions of the future and past play out in her mind’s eye. Sometimes, she will hear answers that detail your life’s journey. She says that she can always emotionally feel what is going on around you. We are impressed with her ability to tune into spiritual vibrations within only seconds of hearing the caller’s voice! If it’s time to figure out your next steps, Psychic Keisha ext. 5728 can help shine a light on your path.

Psychic Brandon ext. 5704

He feels your energy as you say your name and answers questions before you even ask them. As he imparts a wealth of information, he will also check with you for confirmation on details. Brandon says, “Readings provide insight into one’s self as well as their future. Simply understanding where one came from and where one is now can help a person understand where they are going.” Tired of being misunderstood? Psychic Brandon ext. 5704 can understand you and see what’s ahead in love and your career (for just a $1 per minute!).

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