Your Weekly Money Horoscope for August 19 – 25, 2013

Aquarius Full Moon II – The Sequel

A second Full Moon in Aquarius, on the 20th, is an auspicious delight compared to last month’s Full Moon in the same sign, but it’s not the only headliner in this week’s money horoscope.

Both Neptune and Uranus are at play and about to tangle with both Mercury and Venus. Also, the Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd (Happy Birthday, Virgos!) and Mercury enters Virgo on the following day—the third sign it occupies this month. If possible, avoid signing contracts this week; you’ll have more answers next week.


Both Mercury and the Sun enter your sixth house of daily work and reputation. You should spend this week working on your projects and ideas and setting a steady financial course.


The second Full Moon in your career house is much more to your liking. Suggest a little networking get-together with co-workers but go easy on the partying—you’re being noticed.


The Full Moon falls in your house of travel, so hopefully you’ve planned a little getaway but if not, you should still take some time away from making money and concentrate on spending a little instead.


With the second Full Moon in Aquarius, it’s a good time to check your budget to make sure you’ve got more coming in than going out. Also you or your mate could be due for a raise.


Let this Full Moon help you shed a light on financial matters. Having everything in order will help you avoid chaos next week and it will give you the peaceful existence you seek.

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Enjoy the friendlier of two Aquarius Full Moons in your sixth house. Your money horoscope revolves around work and reputation with Mercury in your sign—use it wisely.


This is the last week that you’ll have Mars championing your career house. You’ve been working hard and that will pay off financially sooner than you think—just pace yourself and take it slow.


Your weekly money horoscope points to more quality time with family—perhaps spending the week on a vacation. This is what you make money for, so enjoy it.

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Mercury powered by the Sun makes its way into your career house where Venus helped you earlier. The Full Moon also helps you make connections that are soon to pay off financially.


The Full Moon touches your eighth house, highlighting money earned by you and a partner. It’s a good time to assess career goals and how they match your financial needs.


You not only have a second Full Moon in your sign (this one a little more friendly), but you have also have Mercury giving you financial support. Consider job offers thoroughly.

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As all the recent planetary energy moves out of your sixth house of work you’re ready for a break from responsibility. But don’t take a break from keeping an eye on your finances; you’ll be glad you did next week.

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    thank you miss LJ for your wonderful forecast. you have been spot on for me throughout this whole year. making this cappy very happy.
    Buddha bless,


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