Meet Your Spirit Guides: Hidden Messages

Desiree From Las Vegas, Nevada asks:

I’ve been noticing similar numbers on time clocks, and I immediately begin to give thanks for my many blessings. Along with being thankful, I ask my guides to continue to guide me and make sure I remain on my path to achieve my highest good.

I take the 11:11s, 2:22s, 3:33s, etc. as a message that I am on the right path… Am I right about my guides letting me know that I am on the right path? What else can I do besides meditation to understand the messages meant for me?

Please advise. I speak to them all the time.

Many blessings to you!

Dear Desiree,

Thanks for the blessings! May they be returned to you a thousandfold…

I commend your habit of giving thanks every time you notice a message, and not just because it actually adds momentum and power to the positive trends of your life through the Law of Attraction. Regularly acknowledging your messages also gives your guides much-needed feedback about which messages get through… and which don’t. This link leads to a list of some other ways that messages come through.

You’re right in thinking that there’s a lot more to be learned from your spirit guides. Even the clock messages have a great deal more content than you might imagine, messages which are easily deciphered by using basic numerology and/or the Tarot’s Major Arcana cards.

For example, let’s analyze the 2:22 message. First, use the numerology link to understand the number 2, which is about relationships. Then you might learn a bit about the meaning of the Priestess card of the Tarot, the number II (2).

Next, notice that the number is actually 2:22, so you might wonder if there’s still more to the message. I’d agree that there is. 2 is the first part of the message, 22 (a Master Number which equates to the Tarot Fool, as you’ll see when you use the link again) is the second part, and 2+2+2 = 6 is the last part of the message. You, of course, have to put it all together using numerology and Tarot, and interpret it according to what was going on when you got the message. But it could mean that you have a great deal of power and influence which can be exercised through relationships, and which, if you remain focused,  will likely make real contributions to some kind of healing, humanitarian or justice effort.

Your guides asked me in particular to tell you they want you to “study, study, study!” Follow your interests and intuitions, whether they lead you to YouTube clips, books, videos, oracle cards or blog posts. Let them lead you through a fascinating labyrinth of spiritual teachings (not a maze with dead ends, but a labyrinth that leads to a deep insight in its center), which is an important part of your journey toward your highest good.

Enjoy your journey, Desiree.

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