Karma Cleansing: When Bad Karma Becomes the Gift

Karmic cleansing is about cleansing the soul of the things we carry with us from either this life or lives passed. When you feel that something is hanging over you, keeping you down, stuck in a bad place or preventing you from moving on, you know the situation is off; there’s something wrong. Now is the time to step back, assess the situation, and find the lesson to be learned from the situation and then release it. Let it go, mentally and emotionally. Sometimes this involves reacting differently than we normally would, but has the old way worked for you so far?

For example, you’re stuck in a job that you used to love, and now, due to circumstances beyond your control, you know the job no longer fits you. You’re ready to leave. You’re qualified for better jobs, so what is preventing you from moving on? Could it be the fact that you are standing in judgment of the powers that be, because you feel they are being greedy and now you resent them? The longer you stand in judgment of others, the longer you will be stuck there. If left unchecked, the cycle will perpetuate until it eventually comes to a head. If that happens, you may still move on, but the same problem will follow you to your next endeavor, because you did nothing to release it.

What you have to do to really put this bad situation behind you is to first put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself honestly how you would act if you were them. If you’re willing to admit that you might do the same, no matter what others thought of you, then you realize it was your judgment of them that was holding you back. You can’t stand to be judged by anyone yourself, so why would it be okay for you to judge others? The second you begin to let that go, is the second that you crack open the doors to freedom. You will eventually be able to walk through the doors, to the next adventure and leave that burden behind, clear of the karma that was wearing you down for so long. A great sense of relief will come over you. You know that you will never stand in judgment of someone else again because it only holds you back. You will never feel anything so invigorating.

Bad karma is a gift, because it is a lesson to be learned. To learn is to be enlightened. Once you cleanse yourself of bad karma, you are free to move on with the weight of that burden lifted.

Knowing how that kind of karma can hold you back, should be enough motivation to get to the root of any problem you’re burdened with and find a way to cleanse it from your soul. You will feel lighter, brighter and ready to live a freer, more meaningful life.

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10 thoughts on “Karma Cleansing: When Bad Karma Becomes the Gift

  1. Carla

    I was told during a reading with hunter last night i needed to clear/cleanse my karma before another man comes into my life. I wasnt quite sure what that meant last night but now i sort of do i think. I was in a abusive relationship with my daughters father for many years and we recently broke up. He is married and went back to his wife and kids and pretty much abandoned me and my daughter which i am still hurting from, he tells me god is going to get me and im going to hell because he thinks i cheated on him however i did not i am not like that at all. How could i cheat on him if he was/is married to someonelse? Anyway i am trying to forget him and the hell he put me through and our special needs daughter, and i hope and pray to god another man comes into me and my daughters life and we are happy

  2. stef

    Valerie Dyck Gordon, read your post. You explained my life entirely (except about the two dogs). I pray you find peace in the midst of all the things goin on. If nothing else, it will help you. Just passing on some information I wish I had known two years ago. Stress causes Lupus. And it is not curable. Please take care and try to reduce any stress you may have 🙂

  3. Dee

    this is for “4me2know” I was also molested as a child. I was in therapy but I didnt feel that it helped me either. It wasnt until I finally allowed myself to feel the hurt and pain of that little girl inside me and speak out for her that I was finally able to let go. I did not forgive or forgetk, I just was able to move on. I yelled, cried I made sure that everyone knew that I was hurt and that it wasnt my fault! I think that was important. Although I knew it wasnt my fault and the fact that I didnt tell, because I was told my family would be killed or ripped apart. I believe I still felt guilty. Once I stopped blaming myself for something I couldnt controll I felt a huge weight lifted. I don’t know your curcumstances but, I understand the pain. Good luck and God bless.

  4. LJ Innes

    to all my commentors: these times are tough and beyond. sometimes it’s not karma we’re experiencing but the bitters of life itself. what you go through, karma-wise or not, and get through is a testament to you personally. if you give up, you will be defeated, if you persevere, you will triumph. i wish i could help you all individually, my heart sank reading the comments. for the man living in his car, you need shelter, keep it anyway you can. you can obviously read and answer this blog, so how about using whatever computer you’re using to start something that will help others – a charity, a business – it will always be returned to you – as for the abused, maybe we cannot forgive or forget, but we must move on. helping others in similar situations is the key to healing for them and for you. i too have been lost and angry at times feeling like a victim, but the only thing that’s ever gotten me out of that mode was doing something proactive. think of what help you might want from others, and offer that same help to those in need of your experience and compassion. i believe in what i write, and i have to fit it all in in a short article, but i do believe in prayer to whomever you believe guides you, i do believe we are only here to learn, not to suffer constantly. but if we do suffer, it is to make us stronger and fighters for causes that matter to us. i wish you all peace and love.

  5. Valerie Dyck Gordon

    I have had nothing but bad luck for over 2 years now. Lost my 2 dogs in odd ways, lost my job and therefore my home was repossessed. Am homeless and almost out of the money I made by selling pretty much all of my property, and am in a catch 22 and falling between the cracks for social services and Salvation Army. Have to sell my car next week so won’t even have IT to live in, so only one choice, just choosing my time. I have ALWAYS been a good person that people liked – went out of my way to help those in trouble or the elderly. What can I have done in the past 55 years that is leading to me needing to learn a lesson that is going to end up killing me?

  6. 4me2knw

    I can’t put myslef in the other’s shoes since he was a child molester. How do you ever fogive and learn what lesson from that? I’m serious. I need help. Been in therapy 2 years and can’t forgive or move on.

  7. Sienna

    What an interesting way to approach working with karma! I will be more conscious of stuck places now and see if I can find the way out. Thank you!

  8. Suzanne

    This hit so close to home I had to comment. For the past 5 years I have been unhappy in my job. Feeling I had outgrown it, and was capable of so much more. But was unable to leave. I felt stuck, captive, like in a prison, the stress was getting to me physically and mentally. After years of working on myself, including letting go of judgement and fear, I found the strength to let go of that job, and pursue work that resonates more with who I am and that fulfills me as a person. I also found the loving relationship I had been searching for with someone whom, at first, I judged as not good enough for me. Judgement binds and holds you captive. I learned a valuable lesson, and am living a clearer and happier life.


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