Jennifer Lopez’s Birthday

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez was born today in 1969. This fiery Leo is also a record producer, dancer, television producer, and fashion designer. Leo is the sign of creativity, after all. Adding to the fire is Mars in Sagittarius, which assures she has a fun-loving, gregarious side. She likes to do things in a big way. This influence also gives her a talent for comedy, which can be seen in The Wedding Planner and Maid in Manhattan.

In romance, Venus in Gemini makes her charming, funny, and self-expressive. However, Sun square Saturn says she has to be in control, which means she needs an adaptable, understanding partner. Her love life, which includes two ex-husbands and ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck, has been rocky and highly publicized. Then in 2004, Lopez married her longtime friend Marc Anthony. They had worked together in music videos. Perhaps they’ll make beautiful music together as husband and wife as well.

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