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In these stressful economic times, it’s common for callers to contact us at California Psychics wanting to know what to do regarding unemployment and severe financial problems. We, as psychics, look to see what the available paths are for the callers to take to achieve material success and financial freedom. I’m listing some of the paths that have proven to be most effective in the past. You, too, can take advantage of these for your own material success and career goals.

To start, I’ve found that my mind first develops thoughts to deal with certain situations or, on the other hand, had been programmed by others as I grew up to believe certain things. While my thinking in the past proved effective in some situations, it is very likely that now, in the present, my thoughts sometimes need to be re-evaluated. This also holds true for what we were directed to believe in the past, perhaps by our parents. Methods of thought that served me well in some instances are now no longer are effective. Changing my negative thoughts to a more positive, effective direction can be done.

For example, one of my callers had the opportunity for a new job, and that is why he called. He said he badly wanted to take this new job, but kept hearing his deceased father in his head, telling him that he needed to stay with the tried and true, to not take chances. He said that this is what his father had told him in life, as well, and he felt guilty even thinking of taking a new direction.

At that time, I told him that I saw clearly that he would do quite well in this new area, and that he was letting his father’s words hold him back from something that would not only make him happier, but would be financially rewarding. Basically, the course that he could take was to repeat to himself, over and over, a positive message to replace the negative, growth-retarding one. This may seem simplistic but it does work. Our minds are programmed but can be re-programmed by ourselves in order to achieve what we want.

What seem to be problems in life are actually challenges that enable us to grow. Most people have heard of Thomas Edison and the light bulb. He experimented over and over and over again before he invented what is the forerunner of our modern light bulb. There were many failures before the success. But Edison believed in his idea and pursued it until it reached fruition. Successful people don’t have a string of positive ventures – they have resounding failures as well. The difference between them and others is that they believe in what they aim for and refuse to give up. That is what achieves success.

True success comes when we acknowledge what we feel is our true purpose in life, and strive to fulfill that purpose. Whether our goal is to be a businessman, a mechanic, a pet groomer, a banker or a hairdresser, we should persevere to be the best one possible, the ideal that embodies our talents and desires.

I believe that I can change my life so that I am on a path to success and fortune. If I am willing to believe that I can change my negative thoughts to positive ones, this path will come about. If I am willing to dedicate myself to working, without reservation, toward what I really want, success will come. I know that I have choices in how I think and behave, and these choices are what will make my life be what I want it to be. Great things are possible when we set a goal and know that it will happen!

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15 thoughts on “Improve Your Money Karma

  1. Daniel

    Jeff, I am sorry to hear about your troubles–losing a family member can be very hard. I don’t think you can get an answer on these boards, but I will offer this advice–we all go through lows in life at one point or another, perhaps several, but eventually we also have highs. Right now you are going through a bad situation, but will one day see the good times again. ‘

    I think the greater the tragedy sometimes, the greater the joys in the future (kind of like Newton’s law of equal and opposite reactions). I am not sure how your legal issues will work out, hopefully you and your ex-wife can come to a mutual agreement. Either way, stay positive–it’s one of the few things you do have control over. Be thankful on a constant basis for the things you do have. Give to charity or volunteer–that is one of the easiest things you can do to remain positive and even be happy and fulfilled.

  2. Patrick

    My youngest son was a professional ball player and took his life. He had no will but made millions of dollars. He left three small children behind and divorsed his wife prior to taking his life. His mother controlled his money and his life recklessly which is why he took his life. She divorsed me and took over his life style. She got everything of his and sued his ball club for recklessness and refused to share with me. I’ve hired a law firm to handle for me. How will I prevale?

  3. Royston Ferdinands

    I am still waiting to hear something about my job – have you got any idea as to when I would start to work as I am out of employment for one year now.

  4. LJ

    Tansy: Your article was linked to one of my, so when I clicked on it I was happy to read the what you wrote – it just reminded me of what I truly feel and also made me realize that I got a little off track this year … but what you say is very true – I’ve done it with my own life, and our thoughts definitely can differ from the programming we grew up with – we have to be willing to change with changing times and to follow our dreams. Thanks 🙂

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  6. Rashed

    Thanks For Your Advice, But I am A Bangladeshi People. My Income Is Not Sufficient For My Family. My Expense Always Break Budget. I Am In Very Problem Which I Cannot Solve Any Way. How Con I Solve My Problem.

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