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A soul which is not yet ignited is like the pilot light on an old-fashioned gas stove or heater, always lit, shining in a tiny space in the dark, ready to be drawn out so that it can transform and illuminate your life.

Is your soul already ignited? Or is it still burning quietly in some hidden corner of your being, waiting for you to open the door and invite it to shed its light into and all around you?

If you’re a part of the latter group, perhaps you’re ready to embark on a quest to ignite your soul. Beginning steps can include spiritual books, classes, lectures and workshops, studying with a guru or shaman, or even joining an ashram. However, the rational mind is often more of a hindrance than a help in soul work. All of these activities are like a map, and they can show you where to look for the treasure of the soul, but you still have to do the digging yourself.

But when all is said and done, the only way to ignite your soul is to forge your own path into that quiet, hidden place in your psyche where it lives, then nourish the flame, and when it bursts into brilliance, keep it nourished so that it continues to illuminate your life.

Igniting your soul isn’t a process that you can analyze or organize into success. It’s not about making it happen. Instead, it is an unfolding evolutionary journey undertaken for no reason other than that you want to live your sacred purpose, to become all that you can be, body, mind, emotions, spirit…  and soul.

Here are ways to travel into your inner space and then ignite and sustain your soul connection, with links to articles which explain each technique in more depth.

Finding the Dwelling Place

First, it helps to clear a path to your soul light, and to learn how to be aware of the soul’s presence.

Deep Breathing. Breath fills you with pure life force, and focusing on and counting each breath helps clear your mind.

Meditation and Prayer. Any form of meditation, whether it’s moving, clearing your mind or guided visualization, takes you out of everyday reality. So does selfless prayer.

Silence. It’s in silence that you can hear and feel your soul’s presence most powerfully, and it’s one of the best ways to detach from life’s distractions.

Mindfulness. If you approach each moment of your life with full, focused attention, and without judgment, you are literally holding the door open 24/7 for your soul to emerge.

The Spark: Transcendent Experiences

Once you’ve prepared the way, and sometimes even when you haven’t, a transcendent experience can wake you up so completely that igniting your soul happens effortlessly.

Beauty. Your idea of beauty might be the perfect jump shot, or a magnificent vista atop a mountain, or a pile of sleeping kittens, or the Mona Lisa. When you encounter it you’re lifted out of the humdrum, filled with elation and awe, and wide open to spirit.

Sacred Places. Whether you’re sitting under a special tree, in a hushed church full of prayers, or in an ancient circle of standing stones, places of power transform you and open inner doors.

Crisis and Miracles. Most of us don’t make room for miracles until we’re up against a wall, completely unable to help ourselves. Then we finally turn to a higher power for help, and the explosion of wonder when the miracle arrives lays a direct path to your soul.

Love. Moments of true, deep, selfless, unconditional love are the ultimate miracle, the highway leading directly to a meeting with your soul.

Keeping It Burning

Once you’ve opened the channels and connected with your soul, here are the easiest ways to keep that connection alive, active and full of light and energy.

Be Happy. The soul finds joy irresistible, and, since being happy is almost a lost art these days, this deserves your full attention.

Living in Awe. The best way to feed your soul, and live joyfully, is go out of your way to find goosebump moments, to regularly  experience things that lift your heart, that make you catch your breath, smile, and say “Oh, wow!”

Harmony. Once your soul connection is ignited, it usually requires only a little regular attention, because it naturally feeds itself.

The conscious presence of your soul makes open, optimistic participation in life easy and natural, so that trust, non-attachment and bone-deep happiness are self-sustaining and effortless.

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  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Verbena,
    Gina Rose here, waving big hello !!!! I enjoy reading your articles, but this one, in particular, jumped out at me.

    Nice article….more important that many people realize. Having a healthy passion for life is so important, all of your points are good for mind, body and soul.

    We are all spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies….. Life is ALL about the harmony and balance of mind, body and spirit.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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