Hunky Warrior Spirit Guide

Angie from Maryland says:

I just wanted to ask if my other Guides Stephen & the Little One (a child, don’t know her or his name) have any messages for me? It seems that my main guide, Jack, is the spokesman. He’s always sending messages & confirming what I ask him with songs, birds and butterflies! I wonder about the other two. Is there a way they can speak to me like Jack (my hunky Australian warrior) does? I love them all so much! Thanks, friend!

Hiya, Angie!

You’ve certainly added a smile to my day, and I think your bubbling, joyful sense of fun is a wonderful example of the best possible kind of Spirit Guides relationship. Too often we respond to spiritual matters with a kind of stern seriousness that just isn’t what Spirit is all about. Spirit and Spirit Guides are about joy, light, learning, growing and delighting in every second of our lives.

Stephen seems to like to communicate in full, living color “video clips,” which is kinda fun. He showed me a brief scene of the two of you on a sunny day in a small boat moving down a river, probably in the British countryside. You’re both dressed in the garb of another era, possibly Victorian, as you have a white parasol covered with ruffles, and you’re gracefully trailing your fingers in the water as he rows you along.

It’s a lovely, romantic image, but while running this “video clip,” Stephen has a naughty twinkle in his eye, as though there’s a fun secret lurking somewhere in the scene. He suggests that you visualize yourself in the boat with him any time you want to “talk,” which in his case will probably involve answers in images. He says don’t worry if you only get brief blips of images at first, and don’t try to sort out what’s your imagination and what isn’t.

Actually, he’s pointing out something very important about how meditation and guided visualizations work. It’s this: your imagination is one of the main gateways to other realms! That’s why guided visualizations can be so powerful. You engage your imagination, direct it toward a particular spiritual connection or healing intent, and it magically connects you with realities that are normally unseen. In astrology, the planet Neptune, which rules both deception and exalted spiritual states, is a great teacher of these principles.

The Little One is offering you a daisy chain and asking you to play Ring Around the Rosie with her. She wants you to just put your worries and everyday hassles aside and play with her once in a while. If you imagine taking her hand and walking through a meadow, she’ll show you the kind of magic only a child can see. She says to call her Daisy, by the way.

This was a fun journey, Angie. Thanks for inviting me along!

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